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Cameroon, surely a true reflection
of Africa, yes a home to precipice volcanoes, bleached beaches, rugged rainforests
and magnificent dry landscape. It would not be wrong to say it a “Mini Africa”.
Debundscha (located at the lowest point of Cameroon range of mountains) is the
second wettest place on the earth. Cameroon, a huge ethnic area, is a
linguistic jigsaw. It exhibits a blatant stability, which has created pathways
towards the growth of agriculture, roads, tracks and railways. More than that,
it is also having a stable petroleum industry. Despite movement toward
democratic reform, political power remains, with ensconce, in the hands of an
ethnic oligarchy.

Chad, being most demanding
place for adventurers, is currently showing adverse arrangements for a
travelling stay. Once Lake
Chad was the largest lake in Africa but within few lapse of time, the very weather
really diminished its ranking. A report says that almost 90% of Lake Chad has
disappeared during the period of last five decades. The air of the Lake Chad is
strongly gets effected by the timely migration. Invalid activities of residents,
like fishing, but out of limits and no doubt the false ways of farming
contributed a lot. So many kinds of species of birds live permanently or temporarily
in the boundaries of Lake Chad. Lake Chad is used, seldom, for business routing.

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Mount Cameroon being famous as
a second highest mountain in Africa attracts its admirers with its matchless landscapes.
Due to tragically drastic changes in altitude you will for sure enjoy a spectacular
journey from mangrove wooded area at sea level, evergreen fen forest, hidden
small mountain forest and the savannah beyond 2000m.This mount, no doubt seems
as an enthralling challenge for its lovers, to hike. We can perfectly call it
Beauty and the Beast when this mount comes to its ugly volcanic bulges. Buea, an
important location in Cameroon, will be the first station during hiking plan.
It is still famous for some of the colonial times building. To wander around in
this region, demands an active traveling guide. Your fitness to accomplish this
journey is required as well. It is advisable to enjoy the foggy, rainforest areas
with equal relaxation stays.    

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