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Cameron MattiaCongressGovernment shutdown: Senate to vote 12 p.m. ET Monday to end shutdownAlan He, Stefan Becket and Emily TillettJanuary 22, 2018 Alert! The government has been shut down for more than 2 two days. Till today when this article was published, the government remains to still be closed. Last Sunday, Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer came to a false agreement because Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer rejected a plan that would bring the government back open. Sadly, people in the military and all others who work for the government will be affected drastically. White House speaker Paul Ryan addressed that the lower chamber has agreed to a short-term deal that would pay the government till February 8th of 2018 if the Senate is able to pass the bill. This affected many people around the United States and took place at our capital. The bill hasn’t came to an agreement because Democrats seem to disagree on President Trump’s first year in office and his plans with immigration. Vice President Mike Pence stated that if they don’t reopen the government, plans with DACA won’t be rearranged. In the afternoon on Monday, the senate will come to a vote and most likely seal the deal. Senator McConnell is devoted to deal with DACA and border security on February 8th even if nothing gets ironed out. Analysis: This is important to government class because it has to do with the checks and balances of the branches of government. This shutdown was because of Congress not coming to a decision about the future funds for the federal program. This is Congress’ job to do, and since they weren’t able to agree, the nonessential programs weren’t funded at all, so they didn’t get paid. They don’t come to work because of this. This shows how Congress has a very specific job they have to fill. They have to make these decisions and the executive branch has to allow them. So because Trump did not agree or sign some of these proposals, they did not reach a conclusion. They were hung up on discussion and they weren’t able to fulfill it by the deadline of Friday. It just shows how overtime Democrats and Republicans don’t get along so well. Even about a century ago, there would be good plans on immigration, taxes, health care and etc, but only some got through. This issue can soon on spread like a virus and affect more than just the U.S. government. Checks and Balances take a huge role in our country’s government. Evaluation: This government shutdown shows how conflicting our government is under the two party system of Republican vs Democrat. The 2 cannot agree, and that discourse went all the way until the government shutdown. It affects the general opinion of Congress and the president when the people see that the government shut down but those 2 are still getting paid and bickering the whole time. They are never reaching a conclusion about this and it really shows how divided the politics can be. There is a lot that can be learned from this happening. There needs to be common ground between Republican and Democrat. Without common ground, we can not function as a nation. This is a very clear show of how politics can get messy and crawl to a halt over arguments from two very different sides. The Republican Executive Branch and the Democratic side of Congress did not agree over these terms. Republican is the majority in Congress, however, but still the overall discourse ensues. They haven’t even been able to start voting until the debate ends. But that has been happening for a long time, and they even extended the deadline with a CR. But that new deadline was Friday and they still were arguing through then.Opinion: Honestly, this is ridiculous. Why can’t the Democrats just agree with the Republicans and the Republicans agree with the Democrats. It’s like a two babies fighting over a toy. This is nonsense! This is the United States of America and if we don’t get along with things that will benefit our future, nothing will progress. I think the Republicans seem to have a good plan on immigration, but Democrats don’t want it to pass because it’ll make them look bad. I get that this is what democracy is, but like sometimes we just wish our nation was runned by an untouched God or something. Really! It is very sad to see our soldiers who fight out of our nation and put their lives at risk for the better, but not get paid. That shouldn’t happen because if they don’t get paid for a longer time, then it’ll affect our military power as well. It’s a complicated situation and I’m just a citizen who sits back and watches the “game” play in D.C. Welp, hope everything gets resolved and this great nation back in business.

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