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(C.uttah, 2013), had conducted study on
prevalence of typhoid by salmonella typhi infection in Etinan, Akwa Ibom. They
observed prevalence significantly higher in female than male. They collect the
data from altered age group and in different years. they observed that prevalence
of typhoid in 2000 0-4age group wrere 12% infected and 40-44 years group were
highly infected about 905 during age group from 10-14 years were 50% and
39-39%age group were 90% infected.During2003 25% typhoid were in 5-9age group
and 82% infected persons were 10-14 aged.Finely they conclude that Typhoid
fever is highly prevalent and highly spreading throughout the Etinan, and they
recommended urgent steps toward the migration of typhoid.

(Kalsoom, 2015; Kalsoom, 2015), had work on the prevalence
of typhoid fever in five flood affected Districts (Bannu, Hangu, Karak, Kohat
and Peshawar) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. They collected the blood
from 110 hospitalized patients. two test widal and  Dot immunosorbent Assay (DIA), were applied
for the diagnosis .and then they matched the results for analyesis .They found a
totally 60 patients were have  positive result
form Widal test, but  result of 67 % infected
persons were positive for DIA test. In their conclusion males were more
infected as compared to females by salmonella typhi microbs. They also concluded
the allowance of typhoid fever was more in young group with age from 24-38
years. Concluded the frequency of typhoid in the area help in calculated impending
health procedures. 

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 (Parajpati, 2008), had
conduct study
on prevalence of typhoid fever and salmonella sensitivity toward antibodies at
katni Children’s hospital Kathmandu, Nepal. He collected 9,856 blood sample for
culturing and study its result from blood culture during one year period. Out
of total 235 were positive for typhoid. Ratio of male were 53.3%and female were
46.8% .2/3 case were 1-10 years. They conclude that prevalence of typhoid fever
is happen in summer months and also imitated antibiotics for the salmonella,
they conclude that Salmonella typhi was initiate to be most penetrating
to cefotaxime (100.0%) tracked by ceftriaxone (98.9%), ofloxacin (93.5%),
cotrimoxazole (93.5%) and chloramphenicol (93.2%) and was smallest sensitive to
amoxyccilin (66.7%) .

(Dennis, M. Ruth, & Oluchukwu, 2015),
had conducted study on prevalence of typhoid fever in They collected 250 blood
sample from patient with clinical diagnosis and symptoms of typhoid fever. They
found the data by two method ,widal test data for typhoid was 2% and 0.8% were
by bacteriological culture they also observe the significance of widal test for
typhoid were high than bacteriological culture. They conclude that there is no
significant relationship with age, sex but significantly association were detected with patient’s surviving.

MWEETWA, 2014), had conducted data in
Zambia hospital. They collected his data from measurement and arrived then
exposed it for analyses. His analysis and result showed that typhoid fever were
high in 6-19 years among male and female with case ratio 2:1. Results show that
OPD client respondents who used water-borne toilets were 3.2 times extra probable
to know about typhoid fever, (95%) than those that used pit latrines. Marketers
aged 31-35 years old were 4 times more likely to know about typhoid temperature.His
conclusion give understanding on the highly distribution of typhoid fever over
time in Luanshya. He also concluded that the typhoid is commonly occur in March
to November. 

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