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having standard technologies in a hotel is needed to provide specific
assistances for the guests. When a
hotel has new technology or innovation, it will help in promoting the hotel
because people who are addicted to technology or knowing as tech-savvy
will be easily attractive to a hotel that have high technology.  However, a small boutique hotel in Bangkok are
generally not provide any new technology or innovation but more on providing
standard needs such as Wi-Fi and booking system which
basically what Inn A Day Hotel has offered for their guests. Additionally,
the hotel also uses several social applications such as Line, Facebook and
Instagram which is become normal for every hotel. There are
no new technologies in the hotel that would make new generation want to come to
stay but more for a group of people who would like to go away from the city to
the view of natures. This should be one point of the
reason why they do not provide any new technology for both guest and staffs, also
they want to keep everything the same alike how it was, or maybe because of the
limited budget. According to Haywood (2016), if a boutique hotel has more technologies it can cause more
challenges where the budget and staff are limited, spending more money on
providing technologies will waste their money and time.





“Guests generally don’t get impressed by 42 inch flat screen
television with integrated CD players as they can afford these things at homes”
N.A). This is a strong statement
which proves that not many guests are impressed on having big televisions that 5-star
hotels usually provide when they already have that kind of things at homes. In general, quests who decide to stay in boutique hotels do
not expected to have a new technology or innovation but more on atmosphere and
experience that 5-star hotels cannot give them. According
to the interview, Inn A Day Hotel readily provides standard needs of technology
and electronic for their customers which is already good enough based on
several positive comments on TripAdvisor that most of the
guests are satisfied during their stays not only based on the hotel’s designs, technology providing but also their service. However, by having new technologies would be better, not only
for customer’s convenience but also go ahead from the competitors. Lastly, it’s a great news to know that it’s possible for Inn A Day Hotel to have new technology someday
in the future. 

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