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By performing the work of the lecturer, and by doing the
observing  process of acquairing the
English language of elementary school students, we noticed that making errors
is an integral part of the learning of a foreign language. Since
the teaching process is a very complex activity, depending on many factors –
objective (depending on students) and subjective (depending on teachers
themselves), external (motivation) and internal (strategies and books), we
assume that this work will have some extent contribution to the consideration
of the complexity of foreign language teaching, that is, in this case, the
English language. This particularly refers to the methodological approach to
these and similar problems, as well as to the use of the obtained research
results, which are the basis for further study. Difficulties in learning (acquiring
of a language), can be a problem if we talk about the language form (phonetics,
grammar, and syntax); the content of the language (semantics-meaning) and
social functions of language (pragmatic-communication) (Hartas, 2005: 28). Communicative
difficulties carry a variety of problems with themselves, and the largest is
actually the use and understanding of the foreign language.

The language is considered to be a way of
communication in which two or more participants interact. The linguistic
communicative competence refers to the use of language as an oral and written
instrument of communication, of representation, interpretation and
comprehension of the reality, of construction and communication of the
knowledge and of organization and auto regulation of the thought, the emotions
and the behaviour. (Cantón and  Pérez,
2017: 39)

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certainly involves the production of grammatically incorrect constructions in
the speech itself, starting from articles (definite and indefinite), limited
knowledge of the verbs (regular and irregular), words (vocabulary), and all
this leads to the wrong translation. We can say that errors which occur in
speech, can cause a complete fiasco in understanding, excpecially if we talk
about foreign language classroom. The aim of this research
is to analyze lexical and grammatical errors in English language teaching in
the third cycle of learning English as a foreign language. The choice of
discipline was influenced by two factors. First, the analysis of errors in the
speech of a foreign language student of this type  has not been the subject of linguistic
interest in Montenegro until now. Secondly, this type of analysis will
significantly contribute to the continuation of
the methodology, taking into account the fact that through this kind of
approach the discourse in the classroom will point to the methodological and
pedagogical implications. It means that teachers, according to our analysis,
can choose appropriate techniques and strategies which can reduce some errors
that appear in the foreign language classroom.

Since the subject of
linguistic interest is mainly focused on analyzing errors through written
discourse in a foreign language classroom (essays, written assignments) to a
much greater extent than speaking, it is clearly necessary to research errors
through this kind of analysis. This type of analysis possesses its specific
characteristics that were not the subject of research in the
Montenegrin-speaking areas.


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