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By living in a
developing country like Bangladesh it was not an easy decision to embrace life
sciences as a career option where majority want to be a physician or engineer
for secured future. My ardor towards life sciences helped me to swim against
the tide and to choose a career field in which I am really interested in. My
passion for biological sciences has actually started from a thought arose in my
mind when I have introduced with Life and Medical Science in my School life.
The calamitous power of the tiny creature over best living species had struck
me and later endeavored me to explore the mysteries of life sciences.

Later, I
took real interest in biology during my college life which led me to choose
“Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology” as my undergraduate program. I have
successfully completed my Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from the department of
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Shahjalal University of Science and
Technology (SUST), Bangladesh with obtaining a CGPA of 3.56 on a scale of 4.00
(1.7 in University of Bonn grading scheme). Meanwhile, I
volunteered to take part in seminar and Symposia and also involved with various
voluntary activities which have equipped me with a good skill of oratorical
presentation and organizing capabilities.

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Studying Genetic
Engineering and Biotechnology in my undergraduate program formed the basis of
my determination towards gaining an in-depth knowledge in the field of Biology.
During my Bachelor program, I studied various courses like Microbiology, Biochemistry,
Proteomics, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Techniques in Molecular Biology and
Molecular Diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Medical and Pharmaceutical
Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Protein and
Enzyme technology which encouraged me to decide strongly to pursue further
academic education in Biological Science specially Life and Medical Sciences. I
have accomplished several practical classes on Biochemistry, Microbiology,
Techniques in Molecular Biology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology,
Immunology and Virology, Proteomics, genomics and Bioinformatics etc. In the
fourth year, when I was studying Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, I
got much interest in medical sciences. I came to know many things about Disease,
its diagnosis and therapy. So, I am highly interested and motivated to pursue
my studies in the field of Life and Medical Sciences as there is a option to do
masters thesis with disease.

I attended many
seminars and symposium on Life Sciences. For the completion of my Bachelor
degree, I engaged as a Research Assistant (RA) for the period of six months
(March to August, 2012) in the project titled, “Improvement of salt and
submergence tolerance rice through Genetic Engineering approach to bring food
security with environmental safety in Bangladesh” in the Genetic Engineering
laboratory, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

I am confident that I
have the preparations and potentials to prove an asset to your graduate program
as a graduate student. I have taken the decision to study in Life and Medical
Sciences due to its multidisciplinary nature. In today’s world, Life and
Medical Sciences has great potentialities in every field of life. Life and
Medical Sciences can bring an ultimate change in understanding the complex
biological process in health and disease. Life and Medical Sciencesis an
excellent program with outstanding research facility provided by University of
Bonn. The curriculum of this program is very good. Students can achieve
essential and fundamental knowledge about Biology which is very important for
PhD study..

 My experiences, skills, and work ethic, make
me an ideal candidate for your program. I have no doubt that earning a Master’s
degree in Life and Medical Sciences from your esteemed institution is a
major step in achieving my goals, while developing my knowledge and skills
toward personal and professional success. I look forward, with great
anticipation, to becoming one of the successful graduates of your program as I
prepare for the challenges and opportunities I would be facing in my career as
a research scientist.My main aim is to contribute in the development of my
country and the people through my knowledge. I believe that the chosen program
will give me an opportunity to gain world class education and help me to become
an excellent world citizen.


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