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By explaining about
language learning and language learning strategies by using different approaches
we conclude that what is second language learning and which of the problems we
have to face during language learning in Pakistan. I have attempted to
demonstrate that the history of what might be called modern second language
teaching since the middle of the twentieth century has been punctuated by
extremes. Each new method or approach has tended to be considered as the answer
to all problems, and, in the rush to welcome the newcomer, the older methods
and approaches have often been abandoned. Increasingly, however, as the new
methods and approaches have failed to deliver quite the hoped-for miracles,
awareness has grown that each different method or approach has its strengths
and that, in combination, they can be used to enhance each other. As a result
there are some movements taken in progress where methods are chosen to suit the
students and the situation involved rather than because they conform to some
rigid theory such as the Audio lingual insistence that students should never
see words written before they have heard them spoken. As some of the
researchers described this that it is not uncommon for teachers today to
practice a principled eclecticism, combining techniques and principles from
various methods in a carefully reasoned manner. If we look at the history,
language strategies have been very important tool for second language learning.
It is probably unlikely that learning strategies will prove to be a magic way
to solve all language learning problems any more than any of the other
eagerly-seized new ideas have proven to be in the last 50 years. But, used
eclectically, in conjunction with other techniques, learning strategies may
well prove to be an extremely useful addition to a language learner’s tool kit.

Exploration of the
obstacles in learning is a daring venture to expose many issues. The study has
come to the conclusion that there are obstacles in learning English at
intermediate male students of the public sector colleges in our country. Due to
interaction with their mother tongues, Urdu and Saraiki, and Punjabi most of
the students hesitate in expressing themselves in English. Then, this study has
observed that our country and its people have a part of sub-continent and the
land have been ruled by the invaders without the consent and will of its
inhabitant; therefore, the forefathers of the students do not like English
being considered it to be a language of their past British imperials and
masters. After, even, partition, the governments have not succeeded in making
clear cut decision about the medium of instruction for the educational

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