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Business has always been one of my main fascination, as it affects
everyone in some way. Selling, shopping, buying are all part of business activities
and every single one of us take part in it some way and every day. This is the field
that I am very interested and intrigued by, I have always been drawn to business
operation and its management as to me its involved exciting environment with a
lot of challenges.

I have studied science for most of my life, and although I
have deep passion for it in all its fields, I have always felt that I never
applied the theory learnt to real life scenarios, were as business allows me to
convert the theory into reality. My decision to apply for a degree in Business
is due to my desire to become a competitive player in the cuisine industry.
This initiated in my younger age when I started my own business of selling
sweets and cookies in school which was quite successful. This experience made
my involvement with food a primary objective. I think I am suitable for the
course as I possess a genuine curiosity for the field of business, it is a
subject that from a young age that has intrigued and excited me, a few years
back I experienced the realities of business as I ventured into the world of
advertising and marketing. I also possess a strong work ethic and a desire to
be challenged as shown by my decision to study the hardest A-levels.

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Knowledge is a
treasure but practice is the key, so I obtained any opportunity to expand my knowledge
and understanding of business. Working at different businesses as different
roles was another way of doing so. One of which involved working as a team member
for a large organisation, through which I managed to gain experiences such as
handling difficult situations with customers in professional manner. This role
not only enhanced my interpersonal skills but also made me more organised and
improved my time management skill. I learned how to balance and prioritize my
work and education. These experiences
have also strengthened my abilities to lead and communicate within a team. To
play in a top team requires dedication, time management and teamwork. I possess
all of these skills.

I also obtained two
week’s work experience at the ACN Inc. (all
communication network). Here I
observed, assisted and contributed in various areas of the business such as
advertising. This involved making sales of products ranging from utilities to
skincare as well as making a team of people who would do the same. I developed
many skills that are essential for an entrepreneur such as presentation to any
size of audience, learning sales psychology and becoming a good networker, just
to name a few. I also gave new talks on how to sell some of products and taught
them how to persuade other clients to buy our various products. It has been a wonderful experience because I
got to see the ins and outs of sales industry. My decision to study a degree in
business strengthened due to my enjoyment and success in my work experience.

Furthermore, in my spare time I also like to get involved in charities such as ‘Human appeal’.
This further expanded my knowledge as I interacted with and learned more about
people of different backgrounds. I was often given the responsibility to lead
other volunteers to carry out tasks which I carried out successfully working as a
team. This role not only enhanced my organisational
skills but have also made me a strong team player.

As I am very keen on fitness, any time I have to spare, I pursuit
physical activities such basketball, boxing and gym.

Currently, I dedicate most of my effort and time into achieving
the best grades possible that are required for me join business. I believe that
with my experiences, knowledge and passion for business, I would make a perfect
choice for your university. I am truly excited and looking forward to finally pursuit
my passion.

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