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The sales department are keen on what items they are sell,
what number of they are offering and their identity pitching the things to. The
business division will likewise have the capacity to distinguish how much things
are sent out. For instance the business division in an attire store will have
the capacity to distinguish how much stock they have and the amount they should
get. They would then be able to educate the administration that they have to
restock their stock.


The department are intrigued on how their providers
perform. The division will examine the producer by the cost, by least issues
and by item accessibility. The offices fundamental employment is to locate the
best provider with a least expensive cost, convey rapidly and dependable. For
instance schools and universities will have acquiring division which will
search for gear that is dependable and shabby.


This arrangements with promoting and general
advertising of the association and its items; to do this adequately they should
likewise investigate the intended interest group and the market for their item.
Since they manage promoting they should likewise outline any publicizing, for
example, notices or flyers.


The financial
department is in charge of the money related side of an organization, they
manage records and funds. The records manage buy solicitations and deals
solicitations, screens, indebted individuals, loan bosses and VAT returns. They
likewise manage finance, national protection, annuities. They manage
quantitative information.

and controlling activity

patterns or trends


of technology which is able to aid businesses or organisations to understand
what is going on with their stocks as well being utilised to alert businesses
or organisations if stock prices are dropping or increasing in value in order to
allow companies extra time to make decisions and think about investments.





This is when a business regularly does the same or
similar processing of its data. This I would be done so that the business could
find patterns or trends to monitor the business. This could be any information
the business may find useful, the business may produce weekly sales and costs
reports, this would show the business whether profits are increasing or
decreasing in the business. Restaurants may compare other restaurants to
analyse the performance of them to see what they are doing right and/or wrong. Analysing
data could also be used to see patterns or trends at times like Christmas to
see if the sales increase and if so by how much. This is a very good tool for a
business to use as it helps them decide how much stock they need and when they
need it.


Decision Making

Information systems are able to support decision making
when a business encounters a problem and the management team needs to take care
of it. This is basically done for a particular purpose and management would
decide the various levels at which it would be done. For example a restaurant
chain may want to reduce the costs of a business, this could  be done in many different ways but the
business may decide that they would reduce their costs by reducing the amount
of time there restaurants are open for. 
They could decide when they should close and open the restaurant by look
at what time of the day there are more sales then when there aren’t as much so
they can open the restaurant when there are a lot of sales.

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