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Business Management is a field of study aiming to optimise a firm’s performance – maximising profits and minimising losses. I am fascinated with how businesses grow and how differing management approaches can make or break them. Growing up, I often watched “Shark Tank”, a television show where business angels meet with small new businesses and decide whether or not to invest. My biggest inspiration from the show is Mark Cuban, who said,”Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love. If you have an exit strategy, it’s not an obsession” which aims to show that with hard work, I will be able to succeed in business management, as it’s my obsession. My enthusiasm for business is ascribed by the fact that it’s omnipresent in all areas of life, and it has the potential to bring positive changes to society. In particular, I am interested in how firms can improve sustainability by more efficiently utilizing resources. I experienced this first hand when I volunteered to build houses and schools in Cambodia. Witnessing people survive without basic necessities whilst resources are wasted in other countries resonated strongly with me. This highlighted to me that firms who do not conduct adequate market research, will cause wastage of resources, and also a loss in abnormal profit until break even point or losses.I am deeply concerned about subpar living standards in the world today, and a strong background in Business Management can help me become an entrepreneur. Technical attributes combined with skills I aim to learn during my undergraduate will allow me to spot gaps in society, which can be filled with business ventures. The knowledge I gain from my education will also allow me to focus on the idea, of how businesses can innovate to meet societal needs, and how this innovation is beneficial to enterprises and to society as a whole.In IB, I carefully selected subjects and activities to get a comprehensive view of today’s world. HL Economics helped me to better understand today’s market, including the thought processes of consumers, producers and governments in micro (inter-state view) and macroeconomics (intrastate view). HL Global Politics improved my understanding of socio-economic issues in first, second, and third world countries, as well as the power of globalisation to alleviate any given crisis. Additionally, I was Deputy Conference Manager in Model United Nations which helped me improve my organisation skills, and assisted me to be more informed on current global events concerning; security, environment, human rights, and economics. After IB, I enlisted into Singapore Armed Forces(SAF). I didn’t have a Singaporean accent, nor did I speak Singlish(slang), but I used this experience to be more open-minded by immersing myself into the culture of lower and higher classed Singaporeans. This helped me flourish, leading me to be selected as a 3rd Sergeant and receive a Silver Bayonet (an award granted to ‘Honour Graduates’), symbolizing my hardwork and dedication. My appointment as a trainer was arduous, as I had to inculcate regimentation into new soldiers. I learnt to be decisive, organised and disciplined, to train my subordinates. As stressful as it was, I learned that through determination, it is possible to enhance other’s lives, which I strive to continue in the future. SAF refined my management skills, and provided me with vital experience in how to handle large groups of people, and showed me that a good balance between work and leisure is necessary to completing tasks at hand and yet maintaining high morale. In conclusion, I intend to pursue the study of Business & Management because I see it as a good fit with my skills, experiences and future goals. I believe that my past experiences enable me to be a good candidate for the program as my passion fuels me to work until I see that I have benefitted the lives of others, by providing them their needs or wants, or even teaching them an essential skill.

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