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Business is more than just college course for me; it’s a part of my everyday life and now I want to complete my degree in accounting and finance so I can continue to work toward my goal of becoming an accountant. My decision to apply for a degree in accounting and finance was an easy decision for me as I had really appreciated in school and college. I particularly enjoy working with numerical and statistical exercises which I think will help me a lot in the course. I also enjoy working with others in a team and I think that these strengths and transferable skills will help me develop in the course. This will be valuable in my subsequent career in the future.I believe that finance related matters are the blood flow for a prosperous business and the majority of businesses fail due to financial reasons. By studying business and finance in college it has giving me a lot of knowledge of the business world and the financial sector. Throughout my studies I have dealt with business case studies by reporting about organisations. One such case study that I did was an organisation called King Asia where I had to analytically assess the financial performance of the business through ratio analysis. A unit that interested me a lot is business communication as this helped me out in a working environment and I believe will help me out to get a degree in accounting and finance.Working with both Uber Eats and Deliveroo has been an interesting venture.  This allowed me to improve both my communication skills and team working skills. This is because to get the deliveries on time you have to be able to cooperate with both the support team and the customer, also planning the correct route that will bring the customer the top quality service needed. My strict composed schedule helped keep me on my toes and my organisational skills improved as I had to manage both my work, college and social life. In terms of a business perspective Uber has grown into a multi-millionaire company from just being founded in March 2009. This has motivated me a lot to work at what I believe in and work at it as best I can to achieve the best results possible. I’ve also participated in NCS which allowed me to gain experience as I led groups. This experience allowed me to mature and become more responsible and independent. I also developed adjusting to two different environments as there was a rural area and an urban area. I also worked at ASOS where I gained leadership skills and a confident approach as there was a target we had to reach. There were dilemmas which needed team working and this is where I stepped up. This also allowed me to develop the skills to work under pressure which I know is needed to prevail on the course.I recently volunteered in a local charity shop which was an amazing experience to prepare for the business world. This is where I understood the role of a business in the community. This experience helped me to develop my confidence as well as my communication skills as I was working with a lot of unstable people from different backgrounds. From working in the charity shop there were many times where there was a problem and I had to think of a solution on the spot. This ability will be help me out in the future as there are likely to be many problems that I will face.Throughout and after this course I want to continue to gain more experience in becoming a successful accountant by applying my knowledge and theory. This will eventually help me to be able to put it into practice. I look forward to begin this degree course and I am certain that the challenge of this course will bring out the best qualities in me to succeed.

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