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Brohi, 2What Are GMO Foods? A “GMO” is short form for Genetically Modified Organism, which could be a animal, microorganism, plant, or any organisms deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that’s genetically modified. (“What is GMO,” 2016). To increase growth speed, organisms such crops are modified, to grow faster to meet demand in the economic marketplace, in stores. This is all done, while many customers, and consumers of those foods, do not even know that their foods are genetically modified, and not organic and 100% natural.

How are GMO Foods Linked to Science? Chemistry Involved in Producing GMO FoodsGMOs has the process of basically copying and pasting original organisms natural DNA, but making adjustments to the DNA that helps for example the organism/ crop grow faster, be more larger in size. These changes are made in a laboratory environment. Most commonly these changes are made by farmers using an injection, to change the DNA which is usually done in the early stages of the plant, animal, or organisms growth cycle. Any accidental changes to the Brohi, 3original DNA, will make the organism a different organism than its natural form, because it would look different, taste different, or smell different.Biology Involved in Consuming GMO FoodsThere is biology also involved in producing and consuming GMO Foods, that is because when consumers, and citizens eat the food that is genetically modified, the organism’s DNA which has been altered passes through their bodies.

Long term consumption of GMO foods have not been researched yet, to have a very accurate result if GMO foods are actually safe to consume, when measured over many years.  The reason why the biology aspect of GMO foods is more important than the chemistry part, that is because the chemistry is just the modifying process, and later on chemical effects that occur in the body. But on a macro length of time, if a organism is modified, and spreads exponentially, than planned than that would be a complete different than its natural form. This would be very bad, because the animals that consume organisms such as plants, would have their DNA modified, due to consuming modified foods, because their bodies are not used to dealing with those human adjusted “settings.” Consumption of GMOs from wild animals, could cause massive growth in size of the animals natural growth, for example a super big crow, because it consumed genetically modified corn crops. These DNA changes could lead to changes in cell growth pattern, which could cause tumors, leading to cancer. Cancer, could be stimulated and turned on, because of the cell growth setting in the DNA versus the natural growth speed.

Brohi, 4Pros of GMO FoodsThere are pros and cons of GMO Foods, as like almost anything in life. But there are pros for there being GMO foodsA list of Pros for GMO foods are:1.  Nutrition: Malnutrition being a issue around the world, many single crops do not provide as much nutrition needed to provide a healthy diet. An example of this would be a fruit that lacks enough vitamin C, which is the vitamin that boosts the immune system, so a lack of vitamin C raises chances of being sick more often. Whereas this ca be changed, using genetic modification, in which chemicals are changed to increase vitamins, and nutritional values, promoting a healthier diet, nutrition wise, such as protein, vitamins, iron, and fat.2.

Resistance to Pests: Many crops especially fruits and vegetables, face the problem of going bad very quickly, infections, and being eaten by pests/ insects. So to prevent that, farmers are basically forced to use abundant amounts of pesticides, which is good for keeping pests away, but is infectious to the environment and the food, is covered with chemicals, so a small percentage is consumed every time, when eaten by the consumer. This may not be a lot per crop consumed, but over time it can have a negative effect on your body, and brain.3.

Cold Tolerance: Many GMO foods, and crops are also modified to become more weather resistant, especially in places like Ontario, in which even in pre- harvest season, man mornings there is frost that occurs, possibly damaging the crops, ruining them, which would be a huge economic loss for the farmer. So the crops would be made to be resistant to the cold weather. This antifreeze gene for example is used in potatoes.Brohi, 54. Herbicide Tolerance: Organisms are modified to be able to not grow weeds, which costs a lot of money to remove by spraying down. Crops made resistant to this threat of being infected by weeds, would reduce the amount of spray needed on a patch of land.Cons of GMO FoodsEven though surprisingly there are many Pros to using GMO foods, but there are a lot more Cons that are a huge threat to a consumers health.

List of Cons:1.  Environmental Risks: There are many big environmental risks, such as genes that can cause mass infections in a species, leading to a extinction. Introducing a new organism that does not belong in its natural environment, creating a shock to the already existing ecosystem, and food chain.2. Toxic Damage: Change in natural food genetics, can lead to possible digestive problems, affect hormones that are in the body, it could possibly alter increasing  like crazy, or slow down reproduction of hormones, essential to our bodies.

Chemicals used in creating GMO foods, can cause brain problems, which can lead family genes to get autism down the line. Another reason why GMO foods are bad is because it can damage organs.3.

No Evidence Backing up Safety: A major issue with trusting genetically modified organisms is that there is no long term results of genetically modifying organisms, because testing over long periods of time is prohibited.Brohi, 64. Pricing: GMO foods do not help pricing of the foods, due to inflation.

After taxes as well, organic foods are not much more expensive, than thought of, but would it be safe to risk consuming GMO foods, with all the risks?Relationship and Similarities between GMO Foods and CancerNow knowing a decent amount about GMO foods, how they are produced, and what risks there are with consuming them, what can be determined between relationships between cancer. Similarities between Cancer and GMO Foods:1. Cancer is the rapid reproduction of cells, which the body does need, and uses energy. GMO foods are similar because crops are modified to grow faster, bigger (meatier, bulkier) to increase weight/ product size to get more money out of customers in stores.

2. Cancer has a link between prior genes, and can be stimulated by prior family genes, which may have been infected with cancer       > GMO Foods, have modified genetics, so this would increases chances in possible growth of cancer cells.3. Both have links between chemical consumption, by the consumer. Such as, consuming certain types of chemical, and preservative filled processed foods over a lifetime, increases chances of cancer because those chemicals could build up over time, or create a infection, leading to rapid cell growth which is uncontrollable (cancer).These are a few similarities between GMO Foods and Cancer.Brohi, 7Catholic Lense, and GMO Foods ” Genetic selection of a quality of plant may produce impressive results in terms of yield, but have we considered the terrain that loses its productive capacity, farmers who no longer have pasture for their livestock, and water resources that become unusable? And above all, do we ask if and to what extent we contribute to altering the climate?”        – Pope Francis.

via: (“Catholic Herald”, 2016).As Pope Francis is saying, as consumers why should we be supporting these negative causes, which not only are harms to our bodies, which consuming knowing the effects is self harming. Another reason why Pope Francis makes it clear that we should not be altering God’s natural creation, is because it is contributing to the negative effects on the environment and climate change. Those are a few reason on why from a catholic viewpoint proving, that we should not be supporting and purchasing from a source, which has negative impacts on not just our bodies, but mother natures as well, which is destroying God’s natural creations.

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