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British government along with the other western government also made it easy for the Zionists to proceed for well-funded settlements to take more lands of the Palestinians. 10% of the total population were the settlers then, but it was increased to 30% by just 19 years from 1920 to 1939. Dispossession of the Palestinian people by the settlers already created refugee crisis in 1929, when there were more than 50000 refugees in Syria from Palestine. There were big clashes between the settlers and the Palestinians. In March 1920, 8 settlers and 5 Palestinians were dead; in April 1920, 5 settlers and 4 Palestinians were dead; in May 1921, 47 settlers and 48 Palestinians were dead; in November 1921, 5 settlers were dead; in August 1929, 133 settlers and 116 Palestinians were dead; in October 1933, 26 Palestinians were dead; in April 1936, 16 settlers and 3 Palestinian were dead because of those clashes. In 1936, Palestinians started a mass general strike which was held for 6 months. British occupiers responded by Martial Law and recruited Zionist fighters to join them in a Red Union Attack in a Palestinian village. In a single day, they had blown up more than 200 establishments of the village of Yafa. This clash continued till 1939. In consequence, 5000 Palestinians were left dead and on the other side, 300 settlers and 250 British soldiers were dead. Those bloody events confirm that even before the partition, there was huge hatred between the Palestinian and the Zionist but, mostly from the Palestinian side because they became the victims of what the world powers put on them. However, after the 2nd World War in 1947, the 70 years long lobbying campaign by the Zionists with the idea of Zionism to have a secure Jewish state of Israel came to an effect and the Zionist settlers were given 55% of the land of Palestine, where 60% of the people were the settlers and the other 40% were the Arabs. But, it made all the Arab countries deeply upset and they could not accept the decision of the UN. This had risen the tension in that region and the first Arab-Israeli war started on 15th May 1948 just after the day of the declaration of independence by Israel. Through this war, Israel defeated Arabs and grabbed more lands of Palestine. The partition resolution was destroyed by this event of war. Besides, Israel’s invade of Egypt in 1956 regarding the nationalization of the Suez Canal by Egypt and Israel’s pre-emptive attack on Egypt again in 1967 regarding Egypt’s closing of the Straits of Tiran kept the Arab-Israel war alive for decades, what has extreme consequences in Palestine-Israel issue. In the beginning, British along with the help of other European colonial powers tried to resolve the conflict but as the colonial powers fall-down, a new World Order came into force by the UN through the 2-big historical World War. Then, UN became the mediator of the issue. The USA is also a major mediator of the issue as they are the closest of Israel as an ally. Along with that, some other major events took place to keep the peace between Palestine-Israel and broadly Arab-Israel. Armistice Agreements 1949, Camp David Accords 1978, Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty 1979, Madrid Conference 1991, Oslo Accords 1993, Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace 1994, Camp David Summit 2000, Beirut Summit 2002, Road Map for Peace 2002 were the attempts towards peace of that region. 

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