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Taylor-Artist Statement

     Ever since I was a little girl I had a
fascination with bees. Their strength in numbers, their complete control of
their hives, and production of honey were all amazing things to me. I often
thought that when I retired, I would live out in the country as a Bee Keeper.
Unfortunately, due to the rapid decline in bee populations since 2006, I fear
that my dream will never become a reality(Schipani).  However, my dream of becoming a bee keeper isn’t
the only thing at stake if we lose the bees on this planet. Bees have always
been the main pillar of sustainability within our ecosystem; without bees we wouldn’t
have flowering plants and without flowering plants we will have lost at least
1/3 of our food source (Packham). It might seem strange to think that we have a
lot to owe to a bee but when you know that there are over 20,000 different
species of bees (Nicholls), all pollinating in different areas around the world,
it doesn’t seem so unrealistic anymore does it? While there are many causes for
the rapid decline of bees, specifically the honey bee, one of the most
prominent and well known of the species, I wanted to focus on the issue of
Pesticides in my propaganda poster. As stated by Roni Dengler in an article on, “Neonicotinoid pesticides commonly found in agricultural areas kill
bees and hurt their ability to reproduce” (Dengler). While the pesticide has not
been shown to kill the bees outright, studies have found that it will kill an
entire colony over time and especially threatens the lives of the queen bees,
furthering the decline of reproduction (Dengler). There is hope though! By
ending “chemical-intensive industrial agriculture” and turning towards more
organic and ecological methods of farming we can stop both the contamination of
our produce and save the lives of the most powerful and efficient pollinators
in the world (

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     I decided to create a poster for
because I felt like they were able to give proper solutions and ideas to help
save bee populations and were overall incredibly informative. I wanted to show
case the toxicity of pesticides in my poster by utilizing skulls and green liquid
coming out of the bottles; on top of this, I put an “X” over the fruit and
vegetable signs as a way of symbolizing what we would lose without the bees. I
tried to give everything a toxic, greenish tint except for the actual bee itself
as well as the flower it is currently pollinating to symbolize the life bees
give. For my piece I was greatly inspired by both vintage horror movie posters
and a 1917 enlistment poster by H.R. Hopps. Hopps was an American, 20th
century artist who created the poster “Destroy This Mad Brute-Enlist” as a way
to showcase Germany as an evil, brutish country (Ariana H.). I thought both the
color palette was interesting as it made the area surrounding the gorilla type
figure seem toxic and alarming, with the only real difference in coloration
being the woman who seems fully fleshed out. On top of this, I really liked the
way the text seemed to arch over the figure, almost acting as a sort of umbrella,
something I wanted to utilize in my poster. 

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