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American Literature 2: Period 3                                

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January 17, 2018                                                                                                      

Obama Cares

In the past few years the Affordable
Health Care Act has both benefited and hurt people with and without insurance.
Many Democrats are in favor of Obama Care while the other side would be the
republicans. Both sides give valid points, but here are a few facts.

            Back during a few of the first years
Obama Care was around, the ACA ran into quite a few problems. 48% of voters
agreed the Affordable Care Act went too far in many aspects. Such as pushing
their authority or lying to the public. That’s nearly half the voters (Troy).
Many people had become very upset at the fact that this new act had forced them
to get new health care providers through their work. Changing everything they
had been use to for years and sometimes changing it to providers they did not
find liable.

            All though many democrats have shown
a lot of support towards the ACA, even then, we still find democrats fighting
for the repeal of the law. Charles Schumer from the senate democratic
leadership says “The pursuit of Obama care had hurt his political party”
(Troy). The GOP members are trying to challenge the Affordable Care Act at any
chance they get. The act had been subjected to another vote to be repealed.
Though the chances are very slim that it would make it past the senate, if it
were to happen the chances of the president vetoing the appeal are very high. A
very big concern is the fact that this act is actually pushing the democrats to
join the republican opposition (Troy)

            This act has also brought upon itself
many other issues, hurting its reputation. In 2015 the Obama Administration had
said they reached the goal of seven million sign ups, but it later came out
that the administration had added 400,000 dental patients to the roster (Troy)
cutting them short 400,000 sign ups, proving the administration had lied about
reaching the seven million goal. Along with that he had the “Disastrous rollout
of its federal website” (Troy) showing that even in the beginning they could
not provide a reliable website. There are even studies showing how voters who
would have considered voting for some GOP candidates are against the affordable
care act because most of them agree that Obama care pushed its rules,
regulations and taxation.

            Obama care has had impact on people
through taxing them for the insurance of other people. Even if you still have
health insurance you still have to pay up for the others who cannot afford
insurance in the form of taxes. They tried things like when the cut Medicare by
$147 billion dollars, but it decreased the quality of Medicare (Harrop). Some
people find outrageous while the other sides think it’s helping by providing
medical care for everyone

             Now that everyone can afford health care it’s
making it even harder than before to actually receive medical attention, doing
the opposite of its intended purpose. Its overcrowding emergency rooms making
people who actually have a reliable health care provider not through Obama
care, wait up to seven hour long lines. The only place that will see people
with no appointments through Obama Care is the emergency room. Many people in
the emergency room at a time are there for non-emergencies since it’s the only
place that will see them.



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