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“Breathless”Jean-Luc Godard’s uses a myriad of creative and innovative edits and camera use in his timeless film Breathless. In the film he tells the story of tough guy Michel Poiccard who has a run-in with authority, and an incessant desire for his lover Patricia Franchini to run away with him. Godard’s use of integrated techniques and concepts helped his audience connect to the story of Michel and Patricia while impulsively driving the film forward from one shot to the other, which i believe was the intended goal of the film and its edits. During the beginning , my first impression of the film was how scattered and confusing the opening scenes were. Throughout the opening there were irregular jump-cuts within continuous movement and dialogue, while bursts of pop music and sound effects took place in the background. All of this was very difficult to follow at first, but as the film progressed the technique of the edits began to make more sense. I realized Godard used this technique several times to influence the viewers’ ideas and emotions in relation to the theme, the passing of time, and  the restless mood and energy of the story. For example when Michel and Patricia ride in a convertible together. When Patricia is described by Michel, time passes by the constant change of scenery which are insinuated by jump cuts. The edits of the scene reflect the unsteady and indecisiveness of the main character’s relationship. These jump cuts throughout the film allows the audience to see only the vital parts of the scene which at times feel reckless and irresponsible. This response of emotion is a reflection of Michel’s character in the film . For example, after Michel shoots and kills a police officer, for no apparent reason, a jump cut is used to show Michel in Paris, making no attempt to hide from authorities. Edits such as this illustrates to the audience his lack of empathy towards others and his narcissistic behavior. Godards editing techniques challenged the conventions of cinema by compelling the viewers to stray away from the traditional and common way of filmmaking and open their minds to a fresh new way that sparks an artistic and intellectual response. When observing the different shots Godard used in the film, one in particular I found interesting was the continuous, tracking shot which I believe he purposefully left in the scene. No jump cuts or close ups were used when Patricia told Michel she called the police and explained to him why she did. The use of tracking shot allowed the scene to flow naturally so the audience would notice and experience the shift of emotions between Patricia and Michel. To me this was such an emotional and powerful scene for women when Patricia tells Michel she no longer loves him. The final scene of Breathless, as Patricia breaks the fourth wall and rubs her lips with the edge of her thumb to the audience, it left me feeling that Patricia wasn’t your average protagonist instead of letting this man take over her life by agreeing to run away with him, she fought for what she wanted, which was to stay in Paris to pursue her career. Patricia struck her own path in this world by standing up to the men in her life which i believe reflected the basic point of the French New Wave perfectly, which was to fight against the standards that Hollywood set for films. In Patricia’s case it was to fight against the standards that society set for women in the 60’s. This interpretation and observation of the Patricia character left me to explore the theme of feminism in the film which I believe this character portrayed in a powerful way.In conclusion, Godard’s Breathless will always be a great example of the French New Wave with its timeless cinematic expressions that influences it’s viewers in a fresh and bold new way. Godard’s use of jump cuts and shots engages the audience to keep watching for whatever may or may not happen. Throughout the entire story Godard kept me on my toes which made the experience of the film a joy to be apart of.

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