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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, it’s large land area has led it to contain many necessities that people need all around the world. This has boosted its economy and helped it grow as a whole. Many mountains in the Guiana and Brazilian Highlands have brought much wealth to the country through mineral mining. Thousands of mountains and plateaus stretch through Brazil making it the perfect place to hold hundreds of gems and metals. Minerals such as: gold, iron ore, bauxite, manganese, nickel, copper, clay, tin, phosphates, uranium, and much more or commonly found in Brazil. Brazil is one of the leading producers in iron ore, right after China and Australia.. Brazil’s Vale SA (a iron ore producer) produced 360 million tonnes of iron ore this year.

This is very low for the country considering is normally produces around 410+ million tonnes. On average 13.1 billion dollars is produced by iron ore, only topped by soybeans. Many other metals like nickel, copper, and gold are prosperous in Brazil and make it millions, if not billions of dollars each year, as well as iron. This helps Brazil’s weakened economy. Another important natural resource to Brazil is plants produced by agriculture. Coffee and soybeans are by far the most produced in Brazil. Thousands of acres of land each day are cut down for the farming of this, hurting the environment.

Along with this muhc of the land suffers from soil exhaustion making the soil unbearable for plants. Coffee is Brazil’s most valuable and prosperous resource. Brazil produces 30% of the world’s coffee, which is needed by many Americans and other countries. It is found mainly along the southern part of Brazil, who’s climate is perfect for coffee production. These perfect conditions have brought the country 5.15 billion dollars from coffee, and it exports over 30 million bags each year. ALong with coffee soybean is very plentiful and much cerrado is destroyed for the farms, almost 50% of Brazil’s soybean, rice, beans, and other vegetables are grown there. Around 6-8 million tonnes of soybean are produced a year, and make the country 19 billion dollars.

Another type of farming that much land is cleared for is poultry farming. Millions of pounds of cattle are killed each year and shipped all around the world, for all you know your McDonalds has come from Brazil. All those slaughtered cows have brought the country 6.13 billion dollars to Brazil. Finally, one final thing that is used for agriculture is timber. Over 3.

5 billion to over 7 billion trees are cut down in Brazil each year. All these resources make Brazil a major trade center, and brin wealth which it desperately needs, maybe sometime these exports may help favelas, if it doesn’t destroy the environment first. Brazil’s largest river, and the world’s second largest river; accompanied by its hundreds of tributaries have made Brazil a good sopt for hydroelectirc power. The constant flow has

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