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Brave New World: Mankind’s Eventual DestinationIn the dystopian society of Brave New World. The author Aldous Huxley warns us about how the the people being will be controlled through entertainment, distraction, and superficial pleasure due to the rapid advancements in technology and medicine. In the novel, distraction are created for the purpose of preventing people from paying too much attention to the realities of the social and political situation. It is evident in today’s society, the rise of social media and the drama revolving the Trump Administration have created more than enough distractions for me to pay attention to, therefore rendering us vulnerable against authoritative control.In Brave New World, the population is artificially grown in Central London Hatching and Conditioning Centre to produce nearly identical human embryos. The embryos are conditioned to belong to one of five castes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon. The Alphas are destined to become the leaders and thinkers. Each of the succeeding castes is manufactured to be less physically and intellectually impressive. The Epsilons, created by oxygen deprivation and chemical treatments, are destined to be laborers.  Through the setting Huxley creates a  lifestyle in which consumerism is primitive value of society and individuality falls to the wayside. The World State is a society in which economics take precedence over emotion to ensure stability. From birth, the children in various castes are trained to consume, making consumption are part of their life.Creating consumption is the main objective of the government as increase in consumption will keep the lower castes busy from performing rebellious behavior. When lecturing the children, the Director says, “imagine the folly of allowing people to play elaborate games which do nothing whatever to increase consumption. Nowadays, the Controllers won’t approve of any new game unless it can be shown that it requires at least as much apparatus as the most complicated of existing games” (Huxley, 20). Here shows the people in the World State function under “COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY”(Huxley, 1). Where

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