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Born in Punnol in Kannur district of Kerala to parents Soma
Sundaran and Rathibayi, Shajith grew up to a sound designer in the field of
sync sound technique in Indian cinema. He is known for Foley editing and pre-mixing.

He completed his higher studies in Brennan College in Thalassery
and currently resides in Mumbai. He was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis when
he was 13 years old and was confined to his home. While visiting Mumbai with his
sister, the natural vibe of the city grew upon him and he relocated in 1999. His
illness forced him to discontinue studies. He continued fighting and his thirst
to learn was quenched by a local library in Kannur. His achievements speak
greatly of his efforts which includes sound designing for Bollywood’s acclaimed
movies like ‘Maqbool’, ‘Haider’, ‘Mangal Pandey’, ‘Omkara’, ‘Kaminey’ and many

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He first worked independently for the movie ‘Perfect Husband’
in 2003. Apart from sound designing in mainstream cinemas, he has also worked
in documentaries and short films which have been screened in film festivals
across the world. All the movies Koyeri has worked on features a delicate
balance between silence and noise. He rendered music for the famous kiss
between Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan in the movie ‘Ishqiya’. The crime drama ‘Talwar’
which was based on the double murder case in Noida fetched Shajith Koyeri a
Filmfare award in 2016.

He worked with the Oscar award-winner Resul Pookutty for 8
years as a team to promote sound designing in India. Shajith claims that Resul
was very supportive and helpful and he even congratulated Shajith when he won the
National Award. He was approached by several other directors for sound
designing since he says, sound plays a major role in movies. He won the
National Film Award and Filmfare award for ‘Omkara’ in 2006, IIFA awards for ‘Barfi!’
in 2013, Star Guild Awards for ‘Haider’ in 2015 and Star Screen Award for ‘Rangoon’
and ‘Dangal’ in 2017.

In 2011, Shajith was working on a Hollywood science fiction
film named ‘Dam 999’ whose sound designing was done in Belgium. He said that
the project was a little challenging since the movie involved a lot of dynamics
like the sound of a bridge collapsing and ensured that they used various sound
elements to make it realistic. He has also worked on ‘Someday’, an Indian-English
movie and Sohan Roy’s next movie named Saint Dracula.

Shajith Koyeri believes that technology advancements are
only there to assist and it all depends on individual thoughts and creativity which
can make one stand out unique in the crowd. He says that sound has to be
understood first. He specifically wants to thank his sister and his friends for
making him stay in Mumbai which ultimately led him to make a mark in sound

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