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Bobsleigh is a winter olympic sport that consists of two or four people going down a narrow ice track in large gravity powered metal sleds. The sport bobsled originated in st. moritz switzerland where the first sleds were made by adapting and customizing luge/skeleton sleds for more than one person. The first competitive bobsleigh tournament was hosted in st. moritz switzerland around 1890-1900. Bobsled is well known because of the 1993 movie called cool runnings that was about the jamaican bobsled team. Fun fact the sport of bobsleigh got its name from some of the first competitors bobbing back and forth to gain speed. You can catch bobsleigh live from pyeong chang february 20 to 24th at 6:50 am 6:40 am 7:30 pm and 7:30 pm in that order   Risks Bobsleigh is a very dangerous sport the sled could crash while speeding down the tracks making hairpin turns, you could fly out of the sled while cornering or, the whole sled could flip itself, here are some of the various risks of bobsled. Crashes it is very common that for a bobsled team to crash during a run in fact most tracks have a sign that warns audiences to stay back if a crash does happen. You can sustain many injuries from bobsled crashes such as neck and back injuries, bones breaking and fracturing, and even paralysis. Most olympians know about and choose to ignore the risks of bobsled as they say that if they don’t think about them they dont worry and their run is smoother.   Bobsled Equipment A bobsleigh is a large 2 or 4 man sled that is made of fiberglass and steel, the riders that are tasked with controlling the sled must be protected this is some of the gear they use to stay safe, as far as protection goes the riders only have a motorsport helmet to protect them if the bob flips or turns over they also wear a layered spandex jumpsuit with a rubber coating on top to protect from ice shards and various others. As for the bob itself it only comes equipped with 8 safety rings and a rope based steering gauge. Most bobsled drivers say that the steering is the worst part of the ride because you have to use rope to steer while going 140 mph sideways around a bend.   Why is bobsled interesting Bobsled is an adrenaline focused sport which is why so many people tune in to watch every winter it is a sport that so many people watch because it is very fun and exciting to watch the athletes go around the hairpin turns in a small sled at 140 mph is just breathtaking and the sport is also a sport that you can pick up at anytime and watch from the middle if you wanted to it is also a sport that you cannot watch all year round so that when you watch it it is that more exciting. And also it is a very unique sport that is unlike many others and is unique in the sense that there isn’t anything else like it.   Conclusion The sport of bobsled is a unique winter sport that is unlike most all others in the winter olympics and and is a very fun sport to watch and to do.      The end! 

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