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Biological, Cognitive, Sociocultural, learning and psychographic all play a role on the issue of binge drinking amongst college drinking. The Sociocultural factor influences the use of drinking amongst college students.

For many college students drinking becomes routine and a part of their schedule. Parties and trips are organised around bars with its main purpose being to binge drink. There are roles one must perform in order to become normal and one of the “cool” kids. This creates peer pressure which can be a factor for an increase in alcohol consumption, especially fraternities and sororities who are more pressure onto fitting in and behaving a certain way.

Other factors include living with a roommate, stressing the importance of parties and missing out on the “fun”. For a Cognitive perspective, media exposure also helps influence social norms about alcohol through advertising, product placements including movies, television, social media, and other forms of entertainment. These examples influences young adult and gives them examples of the norm therefore affecting one’s behavior. Theses beliefs of what is normal and what is not influences the amount of alcohol theses college students consume.

Often people don’t want to be the odd one out and will do whatever it is to not stick out. This vulnerability is very common amongst college students. In order to not be alone and make friends many binge drink to loosen up and have a good time. In a Psychodynamic approach, some alcohol abusers have impulsiveness, low self-esteem and a need for approval causes them to binge drink.

Some individuals drink to cope with grades and release stress without realizing that they are using binge drinking as an escape for their emotional problems. Many college students unknowingly binge drink in order to lose their anxiety and become more confident at the moment. In a Biological sense, often college students deal with a lot of stress and life changes leading for many to go to alcohol in order to temporarily forget about their responsibilities. After a certain time the body uses alcohol to deal with many of the social situation one might deal with. Binge drinking cause many to rely on alcohol and at a certain point the body will feel the need to constantly drink in order to relax the mind. Social stress of separation due relationships, grades or work increases alcohol intake. Lastly for the Learning perspective of binge drinking, many college students deal with the social environment and the crowd of people students put themselves affects the amount of alcohol one might consume. This is a problem because often when there is a party, the easy access to alcohol and the peer pressure of the situations affects many of the college student and their views.

People learn from what they see and experience so when many students go to theses parties they try to follow what everyone else is doing. This has a negative effect and often college students gets influenced to do certain things just to please a crowd.

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