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            Biogas is typically refers to a mixture of different gases produced by the breakdown of an organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas can be produced from a raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, and et cetera. Biogas is also a renewable energy source. Biogas is also generated in sewage plants and at landfill sites.

                 Landfill sites create a danger to our health and also bring danger to the environment. They produce much toxic gas that came from the decomposition of organic and inorganic waste, such as methane. Landfill gas also produces an explosive mixture when it combined with air in a specific proportion. There are many cases of explosion, one of the example is based on Atlanta Journal-Constitution (1999) an explosion occurs at Atlanta the victim is an 8-year-old girl that burned her arms and legs when playing in the playground, that area was reportedly used as an illegal dumping ground. To prevent this explosion and any other danger, it’s best to capture the gases and turn them into a biogas. To turn gases, especially methane, into biogas is to use an installation that called biogas plant. Based on Clarke Industry (2017), to make the biogas in landfill sites, the gases need to be extracted in a controlled situation inside perforated tubes that are drilled into deep down the sites and it’s interconnected by a pipework. The perforated tube can be placed horizontally or vertically depends on the landfill sites. At the perforated tube, the gases will be flared to remove the unwanted gas such as un-burnt hydrocarbons. And then, the gas is sucked in using a blower and after that, the gases will be treated to pure it using adsorption and absorption.

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Landfill site biogas installation

            Not only can be produced in landfill sites, biogas can also be produced by a sewage sludge. Based on Catarina Wellin (2011) explanation, interestingly biogas can be produced from a septic-tank gases, but not all types of septic-tank can able to produce biogas, only the septic-tank that have a designated system, so don’t try to hooking up the septic-tank into the gas burner carelessly, it may cause an explosion. Septic-tank produce various gas, mostly is methane gas. The safe way to convert various gases into biogas through septic-tank, is that the septic-tank must be connected into a cesspool to filter the gas that produce from the septic-tank.  After the filtration followed by an anaerobic digestion. That anaerobic digestion will turn septic gases into a biogas.




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