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Bharitya Janta Party, 2014

Going back to the lok sabha polls of 2014, How BJP used a
face to take majority .It comes out an good example that

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and Marketing



In 1996 BJP had two faces Lal Krishan Advani and Atal VIhari
Bajypee, but now in 2014 the game was changed totally. BJP needed a face of
change so they pitched the specific leader Narendra Modi. When the campaign
started for elections, it was clear the Modi was a brand which will affect each
and every person in the country, he was an active and disciplined person with
consistency in Gujarat.   On Sept 13, he
was declared as the candidate on BJP’s Prime Minister Seat. Modi is known as
religion based politician over past years but in 2014 the time was to transform
himself to a leader with a clear growth& development agenda. Senior People
from the party handled media strategy in addition different task forces were
there to handle the whole election campaign. BJP hired professionals from
industry Prasoon Joshi , Sam Balsara to lend their contribution . Known Agency
Soho Square handled television , radio and print campaigns  .


The main elements of the campaigns were:

a regional brand national

up the tainted past

with the youth


These elements were used to reprent the right image of Modi
infront the whole nation.








From State to the Nation

The team faced several problems:

3 times Gujrat CM was a regional brand

63 years old person was trying to connect with the youth

Language was Hindi

he was also taint of the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat.


Modi was a famous person in Gujrat but outside Gujrat the
buzz of Modi was not efficient to go him national. In 2014, 150 Million of
youth were the first time voters whereas Modi is a 63 years old person trying
to make impact in youth. Modi rarely speaks English and he was trying to
connect with the youth and urban people who were conscious enough to make their
decisions. Modi got an opportunity to go national when he overnight provided
land to TATA motors and other incentives to farmers.Not only Modi, there are
more regional people like Nitish Kumar for Bihar and Jayalalithaa for Tamil
Nadu but Modi made difference by getting out and go national. He almost attended
5000 events and 470 rally all-round the country. After the elections campaigns
started, the marketing team strike the public with advertisement (print, TV and
Radio). Text Messages and voice notes featuring Modi went viral on social
media. He gained around 4 million followers on social platforms like Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram. The impact of the campaign was in different age groups,
people started addressing Modi as Namo (Sanskrit word)   and the main vote bank of BJP was Hindu
religion so it worked well.Modi was receiving the support from known
businessman from India like Ratan Tata and ambani brothers.









The Campaign

The team behind the Modi campaign:


1.      Piyush Pandey (Ogilvy& Mather

2.      Prasson Joshi ( McCann Group)

3.      Sam Balsara ( Madison World)


BJP Leaders

1. Piyush Goyal

2. Ajay Singh

3. Sunil Oza

4. Arun Singh



There was a famous campaign ‘JANTA MAAF NAHI KAREGI ‘on TV and
Radio, followed by the YouTube Advertisement ‘Ache din aane wale hai’ was created by the creative heads and
directors of Soho Squares Anurag Khandelwal and Satish Desa. The man behind the
slogan of ‘ Abki baar modi sarkaar ‘ was Samrt Bedi.









BJP learnt a lot from 2004 and 2009 defeats in general elections.
They created an interactive website, mobile apps, Facebook Pages, Twitter
Handles and YouTube.  They created a
strong presence on major social media platforms.


Here some Analysis;


1.      Facebook


         BJP had a very strong Fan and
follower’s base over social media networks. BJP had the highest number of fans
2.5 million as compared to the other parties like AAP and Congress. Narendra
Modi individually had around 3 million followers on Facebook.

2.      Twitter

BJP also had a twitter analytics, the handle BJP4India had
374K followers and party also had other handles which were delivering the
content to people and reach of the people to the twitter page.   Candidates Modi and Arvind Kejriwal had 3.5
million followers and 1.47 million followers respectively on their official
twitter handle.


3.      YouTube





BJP ruled over YouTube also with 44,685 subscribers along 6.2 million
views. They used YouTube for activities like Rally and other events videos for
public. Narendra Modi had his personal YouTube channel with around 1, 27, 75
subscribers and over 14 million views, the channel was full with videos off
inspiring speeches by him.


BJP launched 360 degree campaign for their primary and secondary methods
of communication. The main highlights of BJP’s Social media plan was the
undisturbed communication with public across various platforms. The efforts of
the whole team was great in terms of using social media .Party launched many
campaigns like NaMo number , Chai pe Charcha and Mere Sapno ka bharat .They gained
a positon over social media platforms to reach their desired goal

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