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betatrendingnewhotpromotedPostMost ladies dream to have children of their own, breastfeed and train the child in the right way.But of these ladies, only a handsome are ready to carry the responsibility or burden that comes with it.Mothers do a great job especially during our infant and toddler days. Those days are very crucial and very important in the life of a child. Whatever you invest in a child during these days manifests gradually whether positively or negatively.SourceAt one point in my life, when someone tells me I just want to have just one child I wonder why. If you have the ability to produce more why restrain yourself to one.But gradually I understood their reasons.Do not bring into this world children that you know you can’t train in the right way and with the right resources.You should tell your capacity after your first child and it should make you think before you birth the second child.Now I’m not talking about the financial aspect although that’s very key. I know there is something called Family Planning, but there are also cases where husbands decide to change the plans, but as much as he is the head of the home you also have a right.Now don’t go arguing with your hobby to make him see reasons with you. As much as he would love to be around to help out with few chores or activities in the house, the truth is that 80% of the responsibilities as to raising the child falls back on you.So husbands and soon to be husbands please don’t get mad or angry at us when we decide to give 2 years interval before we have the third or second child. Another thing that makes women rush into child bearing is ‘Age’
It is the reason why a woman would gladly drop 3 at once. Well, scientific research shows that the best time to give birth is within your early twenties and late twenties.So Fantastic…Congratulations on a successful delivery but I hope you’re ready for the task.In raising your child, remember, the tongue is powerful whatever you say to the child settles in and grows gradually consciously or unconsciously.His mind automatically programs itself in that direction. If you wanted to set things right, you’ll have to reconfigure that child’s mindset.Some parents lay curses on their children and say things like ‘I don’t know why you’re not like your brother or sister’.SourceHere’s the truth, some parents don’t pay so much attention to their children or train them rightly. Every child has different understanding capacity and learning capacity. For me, I say every child is unique in his/her own way. Just because you tried this method on your second child, doesn’t mean it will work for the third child. So please quit laying curses on that child just because he or she is not adhering to your instructions.A child is like a plant after sowing the seed you have to show it every day, water every day. Once it springs forth andbegins to show its leaves or stem, you have to observe that plant and ensure it’s not growing in a crooked way.Big kudos to those mothers out there who have done a good job during raising their kids. It takes a mother with love in her heart to do the kind of things she does, risks and measures she takes just to ensure her child makes her proud in the future.SourceEvery child is a blessing to every family, cherish those 3 lovely kids you have, show , train, observe, love, care, nurture, pamper and pray for them.THANKS FOR READINGWould love to hear your thoughts too.Proud Member of Stach community.

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