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Best City Bike Review – Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban Bike The Beaumont has made a great comeback with Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban Bike. The best hybrid bike under $300 is still affordable and in your budget. It’s great to escape from your house in a sunny summer day. The bike is a suburban city bike with trendy and fashionable.

It’s a dream of the 1950’s with chrome bullet headlamp, rear rack and body colored fenders. It’s attractive than an angora bunny. It comes with the design of a robust steel frame along with twist grip of the Shimano transmitted seven-speed. The bike is a lightweight product of hand-build classic steel frame. It gives you an upright riding posture to provide the comfort ride. The bike is suitable for exercise, urban commuting or even a quick round your town.Description of the Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban BikeThe Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban Bike comes with hand-build, lightweight, high tensile strength steel frame. Its handlebars are alloy riser city bars and the brakes are alloy dual calipers.

It has a Shimano Drive train with Shimano TX35 rear derailleur. The bike’s tires are extra wide, Wanda tires 700x35c. It comes with a kickstand and 85% assembled.

Lighter is Better!The hand-build frame of the Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban Bike is made of diamond steel and lightweight. As a lighter bike it’s easy to maintain its control and stability. Furthermore, steel made it stiffer and durable. Its lightweight design provides more speed than other common heavy hybrid bikes. It offers riding comfort along with its 85% pre-assembled body.Efficient Brakes with Nice Tire GripThe Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban Bike is a great city commuter bike and comes with 700x35c Wanda tires. Tires contain a reliable surface grip as well as shock absorption. It gets a perfect bumpy with the tires and its uneven grips as well.

Moreover, the front and rear brakes are providing safe and controlling ride with the Shimano shifter and drive train. Its shifters make easy and convenient gear changing.The FrameYou must stick to its classic diamond shape of high tensile steel frame with fender and rack. The Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban Bike’s frame is made of sturdy steel. The weight capacity is a little bit of higher than your office seat. The bike is not designed for intense exercises and not comes with a handlebar.

It requires a small space. The bike’s frame is made from sturdy and heavy duty steel. You can seem to get it as not wobbling or shaking as you exercise. Its all levels feel solid of resistance with speed of pedaling.

These are suitable for burning calories to get a better shape. It needs to set on the flat surface.Stylish DesignThe Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban Bike comes with a similar design with her sister bikes. But, the major change in the design with its overall outlay.

It comes with improve design is suits enough and accepted cordially by the users. Its frame has added some extra points at the design with sturdy steel. It prevents the bike from the damaging.The PartsThe change between 7-speed Shimano and RevoShift grip shifter, you have a chance to do only the sublime commuting machine. The drive train of Shimano is great among other. You can shift gears with speed and precision. There is including shifter with the handlebars that means you need not to compromise with your bike’s control.

Just make a twist of your wrist and get gear changed.ConclusionThe Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond Urban Bike is great in design and comes in different colors and sizes. It can be excellent choice for the economic budget people. The bike is affordable in price, but it doesn’t compromise with its quality and durability. As a result, there is no major complaint from the users of this bike.


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