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Besides studying, I have spent two
semesters working as a volunteer for the Kinesiology department at OCC. My job
is to help disabled people to do regular exercise like biking, walking, and
stretching. My most favorite partner is Mike. He is about seventy. He has used
the wheelchair for nearly ten years. In contrast to his physical condition, he
is always optimistic. He jokes with all people in the class. Because of sitting
in the wheelchair for a long time, he hardly controls his legs. However, with
his high persistence, he can walk for the first time after all these years.

Mike needs another assistant and me to help when he practices walking. We
direct him how to control his leg positions as well as remind him to breathe
consistently along with his walk. Although it is a tough challenge for Mike, he
never complains about anything or gives up. After one semester, he can walk two
hundred steps in one hour, compared to only about twenty steps at the
beginning.  Doing volunteer not only
allows me to help people but also teaches me a lesson of optimism. No matter
how hard the life is, we should never lose our hope.

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My goal is to become a doctor. It has
been my dream since I was a kid. This field requires a long-term training and
costs a lot of money. My parents pay for my tuitions in K-12 and now, in
college; therefore, I want to apply for the scholarships to help them. Your
money is a valuable support for my higher education later. Although there are
going to be numerous challenges ahead, with my determination and willingness, I
am confident I can succeed and accomplish my dream. 

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