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Bentley Continental GTThe new Bentley Continental GT might just be the best grand tourer on the market, with genuinely outstanding capability.The Bentley Continental GT was the first car produced after being taken over by Volkswagen in 1998. They released it on the market in 2003 and then was heavily revised later on in 2011. Although now Bentley has released there latest Continental GT which is claimed to be 100% new. Bentley’s engineers were involved with their Porsche equivalents during the car’s development. This is so they could choose exactly which parts they were going to end up with. Bentley believes that is why they have made an enormous difference to the quality of the end product. The outside of the Continental GT represents a significant but sizeable step on from the outgoing car. This inspired by Bentley’s EXP 10 concept. The twin headlights have much new crisp design while the front grille appears to have been stretched.Even though being no longer overall the Bentley Continental GT receives a longer wheelbase with a shorter front and rear overhangs. This offers a squatter and more charismatic look, this pulling it closer to many of s rivals regarding road presence. The rear of the GT is better, more cleaned up to with some new oval lights, with a new larger badge and some chrome pieces added. Looking to get your hands on one of these, well it’s going to cost around £155,000. They are on sale now, but you should consider about the economy which is 23.2mpg, so make sure you can stomach the fuel prices.Bentley’s Equipment and Interior Stepping inside of the Bentley Continental GT, the interior just about has everything you could wish for. This includes a new 12-inch rotating touchscreen infotainment centre included with Apple Carplay. Also, a standard sat-nav updated in real time. When the car is switched off the dashboard looks like a single piece of high-quality gloss wood. Turn the engine on, and the panel rotates and unveils the infotainment display.The set up of the display is three sided. Switching the screen reveals the set of analogue instrument dials which can be used to mess with the features. This design of analogue adds class to the GT Continental’s Cabin. The overall quality and level of finish are truly excellent with the front seats offering an exclusive mix of support and comfort. All of the switchgear implied to the brand. This including specific functions and buttons shared with Bentleys Bentayga SUV.A new feature that was introduced by Bentley was their wider availability for personalisation. Owners can now pair their selected interior colours for contrast effects. There are 15 different leather hides to choose from. The Continental GT’s interior is a class act, and this is supposedly half a grade more exclusive than the Aston Martin DB11. Additionally also is fractionally better equipped as well. The space in the rear seats is not exactly great for most tall adults, as both leg and headroom are surprisingly tight considering how much space this takes up on the road. The boot has a vast amount of space, although sealing the Bentley Continental place as a real GT car.Under the Hood of the Bentley ContinentalLifting up the bonnet of the Bentley, we can see its still powered by a 6-litre twin turbo W12. A smaller V8 and V6 petrol-electric hybrid will be released later. Despite having the same capacity and a similar structural design as the last edition W12. Also comes with an eight-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. There is also a technology within the Bently which allows for deactivation of Cylinders for the first time which allows saving fuel on part throttle cruising. This assists the GT with the economic figures of 23.2mpg and CO2emissions of 278g. These do not seem too bad considering the potency of the engine.The Bentley Continental GT is four-wheel-drive only which is as expected. The performance of the Bently is tremendous and produces 626bhp. The peak torque is a 900Nm which is enormous for a production car. The most impressive the torque developed between 1,300 and 4,500rpm. When set off using the launch control system, this is sufficient energy to send the hefty 2.2 tonnes Bently to 60mph in just 3.6 seconds, with a top speed of 207mph.The suspension and chassis of the new GT are arguably shown the biggest withdrawal in philosophy compared to the previous models. This is because the brand claims it is not only more comfortable and luxurious than before but is also more sporting with its behaviour. There is a three-chamber air suspension system with a new electronically functioning anti-roll bar developed on the Bentayaga. These elements together provide the GT with more control than before. Bently’s brakes are the biggest of any production road car with 420mm steel discs at the front. At the back are 380mm, ceramic brakes are not yet an option. Bentley refused to rule that out on future model repetitions. 

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