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contemporary designs with expertise and innovation going hand in hand. With the
available limited resources, the company
collaborated with vendors to manufacture the end products but later on the
in-house competence improved which paved way for the extensive growth in its
product line ranging from auto knives to switchblade knives. Benchmade started growing ever since
and what made it outstanding was the use of laser technology. The company’s focus is not on building
knives but to build the best knives that are of high standard. Benchmade was the first company to
adopt a combination of non-traditional materials with modern manufacturing

its knife users the option to buy personalized knives with laser marking
without compromising on quality. Text or logo of the customer’s choice can be
marked either on the blade or handle of the knife (depending upon the model of
the knife) using the laser technology. Benchmade
knives are made out of the finest materials thus providing world class
quality. The company offers a special service to re-sharpen the knives with
various products. Along with this, the knives are checked for any warrant
repairs that need to be done. Thus Benchmade
offers exceptional service to its customers thus ensuring that the cutting
tools are capable of optimum performance.

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The users of Benchmade knives have the option to
choose from a variety of innovative designs. The well acclaimed Benchmade brand is segmented into four
product classes which include gold class, blue class, black class and red
class. For high performance and cutting ability various blade steels such as
154CM, CPM-M4, D2 are used which good corrosion resistance.  The surface treatment of the blade is given
equal importance and the most commonly used finish methods are satin finish and
polished finish. The knife handle is available in different colors such as
black, red, silver, blue, pink and yellow. The high standard and superior
cutting edges in the blade are meant for better cutting performance. New and
customized products are added to the existing range of innovative designs of Benchmade knives.  

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