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Ben Cox11/6/17American LiteratureModule 2; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Courtship of Miles StandishComparing Early American Courtship Strategies In early America, just as there are today, there were many different ideas on how to court your lady of choice. Washington Irving in his book, the Legend of Sleepy Hallow talks about courtships in these days. Henry Longfellow also wrote about courtships in his poem the Courtship of Miles Standish. All the men’s courtships in these stories will be the topic for this paper.

  Ichabod Crane and Miles Standish were both alike in failing to win their ladies hands in marriage but both had very different courtship strategies. Ichabod Crane’s strategy was to wow his crowd. When Ichabod would go to people’s houses, he loved to show off his intellect. Ichabod would go to Katrina’s house and say that he was going to give her music lessons.

It was obvious that he was trying to make a good impression on Katrina and not just teach music. When Ichabod was invited to a dance, where Katrina would be attending, he jumped at the chance. Brom Bones, his rival for Katrina, was there as well.

Dancing in front of Brom may have been Ichabod’s final mistake as he disappeared mysteriously afterward. Miles Standish is the next suiter of focus. The love of Miles Standish was a puritan girl named Priscilla. He was a proud man and thought himself a very fine catch for anyone. He sent his young friend John Alden to be the message carrier for his love letter to Priscilla.  John Alden arrived at Priscila’s house and gave her Mr.

Standish’s message. When Priscilla received it, she was appalled at his letter. It was a letter not asking for a courtship or an invitation to dinner, but a marriage proposal! Miles Standish figured that his uprightness and respect in the community was enough to convince Miss Priscilla into marriage. He was obviously wrong, as miss Priscilla said If I am not worth the wooing, I surely am not worth the winning!”  Brom Bones and John Alden courtship differences are objects of interest.

When Brom Bones courted Katrina, he had an unorthodox way of courting. He was the town rough rider, tough guy, and local hero. He just assumed that Katrina would fall for him because of his reputation and he was right. It says in the text, “though his amorous toying’s were something like the gentle caresses and endearments of a bear, yet it whispered that she did not altogether discourage his hopes.

” John Alden had the most normal courtship out of these men. When John went over to Priscilla’s house to tell her how Miles Standish felt, she ended up asking about how he felt about her. It is indicated by this that Priscilla already had feelings for 

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