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Believe it or not it has been almost three decades since bluetooth was officially invented. What is now such a small detail in our technological lives, was a revolutionary discovery only thirty years ago. Since its discovery bluetooth has been implemented in many different areas, such as audio devices, medical equipment, and many personal devices.

This technology has not only changed how we use our personal devices, but will continue to change and cause future advantages. The earliest ideas of bluetooth started in 1937 with Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil. See Hedy was married with a known arms dealer that had made ties with the up nazi party, and the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. She left her husband and fled to hollywood with dreams of becoming a star.

She then starred in productions such as Boom Town, Ziegfeld Girl and the 1949 hit Samson and Delilah. In between productions, she found the time to do a little inventing on the side, she experimented with ideas such as a reworked stoplight and a instant fizzy drink in tablet form, none of these ideas worked out. Even though none of these ideas panned out, it was her work with George on a guidance system for torpedoes, that guided her towards making great change. Using the knowledge she acquired while she was in a relationship with the arms dealer husband, the pair used paper piano rolls to create radiofrequenties that would do a sort of hopping around as a way to prevent enemies from jamming torpedoes shot. Now at first the Navy was reluctant to use this technology, but later implemented it as a way of relaying information about enemy submarines to military aircrafts overhead. Now this invention is not credited as the invention of bluetooth, but is considered one of the first major steps in that direction and without this discovery we may not have ever discovered bluetooth or wifi. The people credited with the discovery of bluetooth is the swedish telecommunications company Ericsson. The teams work began in 1989 when Chief Technology Officer of Ericsson Mobile Nils Rydbeck and Johan Ullman, a physician, engineers Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson to come up with an optimal short link radio technology which at around the time was the go to for transmitting signals between personal computers to a form of wireless headsets that the company was working to bring to market at the time.

They came up with the name bluetooth from the translation of Danish King Harald’s surname.During the 10th century, the second King of Denmark was famous in Scandinavian tales for being able uniting the peoples of Denmark and Norway. In creating the Bluetooth standard, the inventors felt that they were, in effect, doing something similar in uniting the PC and cellular industries. Thus the name stuck. The logo is a viking inscription, known as a bind rune, that merges the king’s two initials. Since at the time they didn’t have much competition with this kind of technology, so their company tech became the standard.

As a technology standard, similar to Wi-Fi , Bluetooth isn’t tied to any product but is implemented by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a committee charged with revising the standards as well as licensing the technology and trademarks to manufacturers. Of course as time passed by some companies came out with there own versions of this technology, like in 2005, with the release of ZigBee and allows for transmissions over long distances  of about 100m while using less power than bluetooth. Of course bluetooth keeps getting updated and newer versions of the technology have been consistently released, and shortly after the release of ZigBee bluetooth released bluetooth low energy. Bluetooth has become a major part of our everyday lives, even if we don’t realize it. Wireless communication is all around is our personal laptops and cellular phone. Bluetooth is a radio-wave technology, it’s designed to communicate over short distances less than 30 ft. You might use bluetooth to download photos from a camera or even connect a mouse to a laptop without the use of wires.

A device that was once very common amongst the business world, was the hands free headset, and bluetooth device that allowed you to answer and conduct phone calls, without the need to take the phone out of your pocket. Allowing for the average consumer the ability to connect their devices wirelessly. The abilities of bluetooth doesn’t stop there. People can now even connect their phones to their car of choice, allowing them to use their phones gps system, or even play audio from their phone to the speakers in the car. If anyone two device allow for a bluetooth connection, they can be connected. This opens up thousands of possibilities and not all of them are solely based in entertainment. There are even many medical applications to this tech. Such as the use of prosthetic limbs with bluetooth, which then allows prosthetics to communicate with each other.

Imagine if an amputee with no legs had two prosthetic legs with bluetooth, then the legs could match the stride, and pressure of each step with equal regulation. This technology is also efficient in other prosthetic limbs, such as prosthetic hands, where the Bluetooth technology communicates with the muscles to allow for finer and greater dexterity so that prosthetic hands can react properly. The biggest advantage to Bluetooth enabled prosthetic devices in comparison to earlier models is that it allows the prosthetic limb to adapt and make suitable adjustments according to each specific patient’s needs.In the past, prosthetic limbs would cause great strain on an amputee’s already damaged muscles by requiring them to lug around with a heavy metal piece. Bluetooth prosthetics even come with a motor built in them, so users don’t have to expend as much energy when using them.We have gotten to a point where people are now able to integrate bluetooth technology into their homes.

Once hooked up, and with phone in hand people can then control things like the lights, the temperature,household appliances, window and door locks, and security systems. House owners can now monitor and control everything in their home. Such as alarms alerted or to even which lights in the house are on or to even nanny cams that may have been placed. People can now simplify a majority of task around the house with the use of their phones.

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