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“Bekahs going to come live with us”, in that moment my stomach dropped and I thought the world was going to end. Growing up as the only girl in my family was one of the best things in my life, my grandparents spoiled me, I was always allowed to bring a friend with me on family trips, and I never knew what I was going to get for Christmas because my 3 brothers always got the same things. However, the summer of 2013 all of that changed. As I got older I learned about my half brothers, half sister Bekah, was in no way related to me, but she ended becoming a huge part of my life  that year.
I was a normal 13 year old girl. I hated my siblings, so why would I want another one? Especially one that wasn’t actually related to me, and I had to share my stuff with her? On the day she arrived she greeted me with a huge hug and ranted on about everything we were going to do together. All I could think about was when she would shut up and leave me alone. As soon as she had walked in to the other room I saw my dads glare at me and knew it was not going to be good. “Sunshyne, you know you will always be my only daughter by blood, but I cant just let her live out in Texas all alone with no one she knows. You know her mom is in jail and she has no one except us and were complete strangers”. I realized maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on her and maybe I should give her a chance because whether I liked it or not she was here to stay. 
We had talked to Bekah over the phone before she had came so I knew a little bit about her but not a lot. She was 4 years older than me and had been through many fosters homes and married a man just to get out of them but was going through a divorce. Carmel, Indiana was a lot different than her life in her small Texas town. I soon realized it was kind of nice having an older girl in the house because I could talk to her about things I didn’t want to talk to my parents about. She had no other friends in Indiana so I always had someone to hang out with and someone to teach me things.
Giving her a chance that summer was the best thing I could have done and I wish I would have cherished it more. She lived with us for 3 years, but moved out when she got engaged to her now husband. We still keep in contact but she doesn’t live as close because of her husbands job. I wish I would have welcomed her with open arms and got to know her sooner because the times we spent together were so fun and I knew she would do anything for me. Even to this day we set a day once a month to have a “sister day” and hang out just us because I truly see her as my sister even though we dont have the same blood.

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