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Being curious I spent a lot of time on looking through books dedicated to history and science; discovery and BBC documentaries allowed me to see how fascinating and diverse our world is, so I found my passion in learning how it changes and operates. As I grew older I began to see the entire world as a single organism sustained by economic developments, political affairs and diplomatic settlements. So, it made me want to learn how such organizations as the EU and the UN work, about their influence of government decisions on international economy and relationships between states, as well as to understand current situations around the globe. I also want to know what are the causes of international conflicts and how can we cope with global issues, such as overpopulation and climate change. I believe that studying International Relations I will find answers to these questions. Conversations with my grandfather had a colossal influence on me as we spend evenings discussing about the Cold War, causes of terrorist strikes and sociological aspects that could explain me what the world is like today with all the problems that it has to face. I would like to understand the world that nowadays is so internationally interlaced, and learn how to make it a safer place by negotiations and cooperation.I did my best during school days studying Economics that includes a wide range of knowledge, thus it allows to see the global perspective and finally realize that this science is primarily about us – about people that is equally accountable to natural resources. I would also like to highlight my great interest in history. Starting with Ancient Egypt I gradually moved through studies of the Middle East and Europe to the Far East history. As a result, I carried out a research focused on civilization’s development, evolution of states and their legal systems and definite political structures. Step by step I was getting to realize that International Relations have existed for hundreds of decades. I got to know major failures and successes of International Relations. Thus, if people want to change the way we live, avoiding mistakes, the World’s History could serve as a guideline. Political Science classes allowed me not only to study terminology and chronology of the most influential political issues, but also to research big steps of geopolitical events made throughout the years. For instance, I made a research about the Cuban crisis, when the world was one step away from an atomic war. I presented my findings in front of my classmates; therefore soon I have noticed that my presentation and public speaking skills improved a lot since the beginning of such practice.During the secondary school I was taking part in debates, so I got to know that one issue has a variety of perspectives. This experience not only enhanced my public speaking and argumentation skills, but also showed the importance of listening carefully to interlocutor’s speech. Two years in a row I was among the winners of the History contest organized by Tatjana Zdanoka, a member of the European Parliament. I was awarded with a trip to Strasbourg, which included attendance of the European Parliament as well as an opportunity to meet diplomats and observe daily routine of the European politicians. Thus I was given this opportunity to increase my further insight into diplomacy’s role in a global context. In addition, I paid considerable attention to exploration of my inner talents, in order to know my strong and weak sides, improve skills, and finally, to find out who I am and what I want to become. Climbing made me realize that I am not so strong physically, but enough purposeful and persevere in my wish to pursue a desirable goal. Chess classes taught me that you are supposed to see the whole picture before doing something and be flexible, because things seldom goes the way we plan.After school graduation I decided that it would be most beneficial for me to take a gap year, because I saw it as a great chance to make tough unsolved decisions and prepare myself for life that is going to be much different from that I had. My part-time job at the cinema theatre is about communication with people, so it not only increased my independence and gave me confidence in myself, but also gave a chance to learn how to approach different kinds of people and how to avoid misunderstandings.By the help of this course I hope to make a contribution to the positive changes in the world. The book “I Am Malala” inspired me to find out more about non-profit organizations that are always in the process of fighting for freedom of speech, rights to education and helping to support people that are in need, so I am highly motivated to become a part of a manifold association that use their skills and professionalism to face challenges in order to do something good.

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