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an online business owner is a hard job, where competition is fierce.

unique, but you do share one common goal with other online marketeers
and businesses. To connect, convert and close your traffic.

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landing page is a vital tool for optimizing your conversion rates.

It needs to stand
out from your fiercest competitors and incorporate an SEO friendly sales
funnel, that more importantly- gets results. Your landing page needs to
work even harder than you do.

you’re serious about your online marketing, why risk your conversions and waste
your efforts through landing page trial and error?

Convert create and develop landing page design for hundreds of online
businesses across the globe- businesses just like yours.

We ensure your landing page design is fail-proof,
with a professional landing page design service that dissolves your
frustration, insures you against traffic leak and optimizes the full potential
of your every visitor.

rich resource of in-house, expert design and marketing professionals, trained
and specializing in conversion optimized design, means that Project Convert
bring you a far superior user-experience and make your lead
generation and conversions a priority.

By incorporating a custom landing page design service
within a package that suits all budgets, yet remains focussed
upon your specific brand and marketing goals; the Conversion Optimized Design Package revolutionises the typical
landing page design service.

Developed by our
in-house team of conversion experts, the Conversion Optimized Design Package will:  

Save your time, whilst eliminating your stress and frustration

Make you more money with a package proven
to generate qualified leads

Bring you a huge return on your investment- your package will
ultimately pay for itself

Work harder than your current landing page and
boost your professionalism

Ensure fully responsive designs, suitable for all devices and
mobile friendly


more, the Conversion Optimized Design Package combines dynamic add-ons that
compliment your brand and make your landing page work even

These include:

Professional Copywriting- for high quality copy that converts

HTML / CSS / Bootstrap Development – mobile and SEO friendly HTML
/ CSS, that you can place on your own server

Platform Integration – integrating PSD into the platform of your

Rush Order – Get to the front of the queue and have your complete
landing page package ready in under 2 weeks

so easy to work with Project Convert.

Purchase your Conversion Optimized Design Package and your add-on

Get immediate access to your project design brief and
consultation calendar

Schedule a convenient time for a 30 minute consultation to discuss
your project

Our marketeers and
designers work together to design your wireframe and send it to you for your

Our designers get to work on your custom landing page design,
await your approval and your PSD files are packaged and sent directly to you


Priced at just
$400, the Conversion Optimized Design Package is an incredible deal.

hassle-free service with fast turnaround time and fixed pricing.

And now
available to buy securely online. Take advantage today


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