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Being had to live through traumatic events, which ended up affecting our generation greatly. For example, school shootings, terrorist attacks like 9/11, cyberbullying, a recession, natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. We grew up more sheltered than any other generation as our parents strived to protect us from the evils of the world. Because of this, we hope to be the next great generation and to turn around all the “wrongs” we see in the world today.We Millennials are the first generation to have computers in our homes and classrooms. The first to have smartphones, music downloads, instant messaging and hundreds of cable channels. The ease in which we use technology may be the single biggest difference between us and every other generation. An article called The Echo Boomers and values are As a Millennial, we share interest in each other’s different social statuses, cultures, races, However, in other generations, this was not always the case. Being socially accepting was wrong. That’s what makes us Millennials so different. We accept rather than judge. In the past, practicing a certain religion, being of a particular race, or even being a certain skin color caused extreme the right to vote. They issue to the point where being gay Additionally, the reason as to why us Millennials are so accepting towards everything is because we don’t know any better than to be that way. As mentioned, the Millennial generation grew up more sheltered than any other generation, therefore we just accept current events and people for what they are. Past generations have made everything more readily accessible for us so that we don’t have to any change in the world Compared to past generations, I feel that the Millennial generation has been the most socially accepting so far, despite the restrains we’ve had to encounter from our parents or people from other generations.

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