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Behind every success, humility should be in action. If a person does not have any sense of humility, then what is the point of success at all? Humility is all about being humble mostly at the times of succeeding. It would be better when a person is in the peak of his/her success but still stays humble. From the Bible, “All who exalt themselves will be humbled, but all who humbled themselves will be exalted.” This literally explains that those people who are not humble, there will come a time that they would realize being humble is a huge thing. Just for example, a rich person always boasts out his/her wealth. To other people, it looks so annoying because wealth should not been boasted to everybody, thus, it should be shared to those who need some. Humility is often related with leadership. We all know that leadership requires having self-knowledge, self-control, and self-esteem. To be an effective leader, you must earn respect from other people. After earning some respect, there is a need to maintain it at every aspect. When you are a leader, think as a leader. Do not think like you are the boss and you are top of everybody else. A leader should keep in mind that his/her followers are like his/her brothers and sisters. He/She must be fair at everyone and everything. Rick Warren once said, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” In leadership, it can be tempting to become enamoured with status. However, it is crucial that leaders focus on their staff more than they focus on themselves. So, just practice humility in order to be a successful leader. Here are some things how to be a humble leader: (1) be open to other’s opinions not only thinking that all your perspectives should be followed. (2) Always look out for your followers and care about them. (3) Admit mistakes eventually when you did something which is not pleasant to the eyes of many. (4) Accept ambiguity or know when to take charge, when to let go, and do not try to force everything to go on your own way. (5) Have self-reflection and let other people do their jobs.In Les Misérables, a 2012 musical drama film directed by Tom Hooper and scripted by William Nicholson, one of the characters in the film is the famous actress Anne Hathaway. She was asked to sing out ‘I Dreamed a Dream’. Despite of having an opportunity to use advancements in music industry, she used to prefer singing that song with her own real voice and not using any sound effects or auto tunes. The said performance in the film where she sang it became successful although her voice there is not that good as how it should be portrayed. But she believed if she sang the song without any changes to her vocals, it really gives a huge emphasis on her character. Well, that sounds so beautiful enough.Akiane, a 13-year-old art prodigy who makes millions from her paintings stays humble as she is. No one in her family is very good in drawing or painting. She has this unbelievable talent in painting. She uses a lot of creativity and imagination by expressing it through art. Since the age of four, she keeps on making paintings and then later on it became her hobby. All of her masterpiece costs thousand dollars or can be million! On her home, she is the bread-winner. Her attitude towards her family did not change. She did not prioritize herself only but she also shares half of her wealth to her parents and siblings who guide her and help her carry out specific roles in her business. According to an interview with Akiane, she said that, “Being the money-maker in this house is a huge responsibility. But actually, when I paint I just don’t feel like I’m making the money. I’m making the business, but it just feels like I’m having the fun with the painting” And that’s how all her works are like magic. On top of the wealth and treasure they have got from her paintings, all of her family members stayed humble just like her.The famous star Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence acquired enough money to use for expensive things and to buy luxuries in life. Many people recognize her as a famous actress yet she calls herself a role model for young girls – something Hollywood is sorely lacking. Lawrence uses her celebrity as a platform from which to drop truth bombs that disparage the negative values propagated in the media: “There are shows that are showing generations of young people to judge based on the wrong values. That it’s okay to point at people and call them ugly or fat. We have to stop treating each other like that and stop calling each other fat.”Arguably, Johnny Depp is one of the biggest names in Hollywood; yet when he’s not walking the red carpet, he’s a virtual recluse. Shying away from the public eye whenever possible, Depp lives a lifestyle some might call altogether “dull” for someone who has breathed life into characters like The Mad Hatter, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka and of course, Captain Jack Sparrow. If you’re in need of someone to look up to, look no further than Angelina Jolie. Jolie has proven time and again that when it comes to the silver screen, she’s more than just a pretty face. Off screen, Jolie has developed a reputation for championing the advancement of human rights; in fact, Jolie is a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a legit designation she’s actually earned – not like some celebrities who cash in on honorary degrees from Colleges and Universities for no good reason. Aside from her work with the United Nations, Jolie is an advocate for conservation, education, and women’s rights.  There you go. Learn to practice humility amidst success and good luck to you!

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