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Before assessing the strength of Roizen network one must know that it takes a great patient, hard-working, and
consistency to be able to accomplish a network with the wide range of powerful
people. Roizen has dedicated so much time and effort to create a specific kind
of networking/relationship with the people during her professional career as a
working lady into a different industry,
especially in the Silicon Valley. So the strengths of Roizen’s networks at the
end of the case are following

of handing out business cards at random networking event Roizen network was focused on the CEO or
executive CEOs level. The aspect of the network helped her in networking with
the big players of the market. In addition, due to the strong relationship with
CEO market, she maintained a reputable of an authentic

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are built on a combination of personal and professional interaction. Raizan
love thronging parties at her place and she uses
these events not only build her relationship but also provide networking
opportunities to others. Through her networking,
she was able to leverage her relation to make win-win situations for herself
and others.

willingly accepts that ‘it’s easier to get to know people when they are not
famous’. So as an emerging vendor
capitalist, Roizen always responded to
promising entrepreneurs who submit a business
plan to her, which was Roizen believe is
the best was to build network naturally. She always keeps those potential contacts close in case that they could become
useful in future.  

Unfortunately, networking does come
with some downside. To maintain a consistent networking it needs lots of time
and patient. Trying to manage her network, in the case Roizen mentioned she spends
lots of time replaying hundred of email a
day she feels obliged to answer
personally to maintaining the relationship. A colleague
mentioned in the case that the lengthiness of her e-mail decreased over time until the responses were incomplete
phrases. Also, people who consider Roizen as a “friend” become excepting more than
she can provide with the term of time. 

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