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Before moving too far along in the production process?the selection of your product supplier has to be decided  for experience, not price?when selecting a molder.China plastic mold industry has seen a great development in recent years and  many buyers decide to buy plastic molds directly from China plastic mold vendors. The same vendor decision goes for in-house molding. If your production department is not knowledgeable in the molding of a new material and/or part design?get a second opinion from China possible plastic molding vendors. It could be very expensive to learn on your time if the product introduction schedule is too tight.It may serve your best interests to use an experienced China custom mold vendor and have them break in the mold and establish the cycle for producing good parts for market entry. But?before you do this, let the that China molder know your intent is to later bring the mold in house. Be upfront with your suppliers and give them a higher part price for their experience and capability. You may end up letting them continue supplying the part, at a requoted price?when they bring the mold online sooner than anticipated and meet all your requirements.China plastic mold vendor surveySelecting a qualified China custom molder is very important for the success of a new program. The molder can bring experience to assist your engineering department to create and make the best plastic product possible within cost guidelines.All China plastic mold vendors should be surveyed for their knowledge, capability, and experience in manufacturing injection molded products in the material selected. Selecting a molder not experienced in the materials needed could cause a problem, such as degrading the material and being unaware of this occurring. Experience is critical for structural products as are parts with visible show areas. A high-gloss surface or surface to be decorated must be protected and not contaminated during the manufacturing process.Contamination could occur if the operator transferred hand and body oils on the part surface, if the product was poorly handled?if fans blew dust and fumes around, and mold release was used, even in the next molding cell?as air movements could carry the spray over to your machine. This list includes just a few items to be considered before the vendor is selected.Video Player00:0002:15Get references, talk with their customers, and perform an audit of the China molder’s facility to learn how it performs quality and molding operations. Also?examine whether the molder can assist you in part and/or product design reviews and mold design. Selecting a China custom molder is like adopting a partner into your business plan, as it will be an integral partner in your business.Evaluation begins by using the Supplier Evaluation Survey for becoming an approved China supplier. The audit should provide sufficient information on the supplier?along with references?that will allow you to select the best custom China molder for the quoted price. One of your best sources of information will be one-on-one talks with your audit team and the Chinese supplier’s personnel. These talks will provide a good understanding of how it will perform as your custom molder and how it will share knowledge to assist in product manufacturing.It is important to request quotes from several China custom molders?compare the information from the other interviews?and audit the results. Be sure you get similar information from each molder?and if the information is different, ask why the variation. The audit results from well-recommended China custom molders should be almost identical when discussing the product and mold design; slight variances may occur based on the molder’s experience and knowledge, which is to be expected.When a contract is awarded, there are legal agreements that include product price, delivery, procedures on how disagreements are to be settled, penalties, and so on. It is best if these elements are reviewed and a determination is made whether they should be included in the contract.

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