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Before even entering the studio, I remind myself what scenarios
I will paint: bodies figure floating in the air with the aircraft on their
neck, baby flying with a stove on his back, old men wearing women’s dresses
while attending high school, or a square egg’s shape. This is a condition I
believed to be called ‘being in a zone’, where creativity flows out of a person,
and I need to revile my revelation, even the paintings are never drawn.

In my guide to be good, be kind, be grow up, first I need to
remind myself to eat breakfast. While I’m fill, a balance between having fun, meet
more people and working hard sound nice. We are now in Peter Pan’s generation,
where there are endless parties and getting messed up. Lately, we cannot tell
people what to like anymore.

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Having studied for one academic year in Art Foundation program
has taught me that Fine Art is much deeper than man had yet known, is a
universal visual language. The inspiring environment has lots of meaning into
my outgrowth: same interests peers, academic teachers, self-generated program, museum
and gallery visits, extensive activities and latest access to facilities. My
motivation is to further and go beyond with my own thing and I accept the fact
that I’m very much into the painting and sculpture.

Why? Because I want to express myself and snap into
something I have never done before. I should be a writer, but I want to be an artist,
most of all, I am myself. This year has been a significant indication to
support me a basic background and record for the pathway I want to follow in
the future. Fine Art will always be my first choice, I believe I can succeed and
have an excellent nature in the United Kingdom. With many ranges of intention,
my response to Fine Art by doing the work gives me the realization that I am
alive. I have pleasure for my time creating art as much as I gave my best to
work hard at it.


In the recent class of Art
History, the topic was about the connection between film and dream. I did not
study much but I learned a lot, how well our brain would automatically pretend to
understand when something doesn’t make sense, because we cannot stand chaos.
This theme has also played a significant role in my work, to make things dark
and difficult. I am looking at artists like George Grosz, Ed Kienholz or Tony
Oursler to learn from their wisdom and mistakes. German and Austrian
expressionism and performance art are my favorites. My inspiration goals would
be to produce, I’ve come to feel that
it’s essential to evolve and preserve the work.


Sensation is one element. The trick will be to form them in
a whole, then maybe I will do a painting. Back from the Renaissance, painters
painted what they see, not what they feel, and to me that is not good enough. A
greater depth is one paint what they feel. The Renaissance masters represented
things, they did not live them. One thing that the foundation course has taught
me is that I have to enjoy what I’m doing, ultimately I enjoyed the course.

Art departments in Britain are identified one of the topmost
prestigious. Second, UK is home to many exhibitions and galleries offers such
lively art scene, with reputation from various artists claimed to be studied in
the UK. Thus the most valuable thing is that the UK offers personal studio
practice for students and how they no longer keep the old tradition of teaching
art skills.


The art practices has make me better. In an odd way, it was
also the best thing that happened to me. Now I will go and take up my brushes,
just like that, it is a deep need, as a creative individual myself. 


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