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                                                                                                                           Beatrice 1   Beatrice Diana Ban                                                                                                Professor Danielle Schull10 January 2018                                                                            Duke EllingtonFirst of all I am writing this piece because I am eager to learn how DukeEllington fits in with the history of jazz. My piece is important because Duke Ellington is one of the most significant composers, as well as a marvellous band leader and made it alive for ages,  he led his musical group for about fifty years. Duke Ellington was an American pianist, bandleader and a famous jazz musician. He was born on April 29 in 1899, in Washington D.C. He died on May 24 in 1974.                                                                             Beginning the discussion, Duke Ellington wrote and played jazz for about fifty years . He was most famous for his jazz music. He was known as an American pianist, bandleader and mostly as a famous jazz musician. It is an interesting fact to know that Duke is not Ellington’s real name, it was only his nickname because of his elegant style. A high point in Ellington’s career came in the early 1940s, when he composed several masterworks such as Concerto for Cootie, I Let a Song Go out of My Heart, Ko-Ko and many more. Ellington also wrote such great popular songs as Sophisticated Lady, Don’t                                                                                                                                Beatrice 2Get Around Much Anymore. A number of these hits were introduced by Ivy Anderson, a band’s female vocalist in the 1930s.                                  Duke Ellington played the piano as a child, by the time he was seventeen he began playing professionally. Duke Ellington started to also compose his own music, when making his name as a piano player in Washington. He moved to New York in 1923, and formed his own band, the washingtons. By 1927, Ellington’s band found a small amount of fans and secured an engagement at Harlem’s famous Cotton Club, this was a great turning point in Ellington’s career, providing him with access to large audience through radio and recordings. Duke pursued his career path because he played piano and was influenced by music when he was little.         Duke Ellington was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement in 1966. Later he was awarded several other prizes, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1969, and the Legion of Honor by France in 1973. A month after his 75th birthday, he died of lung cancer on May 24,1974. His funeral was attended over 12,000 people in New York City.          Duke Ellington was an American jazz bandleader, pianist and composer. He is considered by many to be  America’s greatest composer. By the time of his death, Ellington had appeared for more than 20,000 performances worldwide and he wrote and played jazz for about fifty years. Duke’s  music had a major impact on people. People                                                                                                                           Beatrice 3 enjoyed his music, listening through radios and recordings.His piano technique was influenced by advanced pianists like James Prince Johnson and William Henry Joseph Bonaparte Bertholoff Smith, also known as “The Lion.”                                                                                                                            Beatrice 4                                                                                                   Works Cited “Duke Ellington Biography. com.”A Television Networks,27 April. 2017, . Accessed 3 Jan. 2018.”America’s Story from America’s Library,” . Accessed 3 Jan.”ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA.”The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica,27 Dec. 2017, . Accessed 4 Jan. 2018.”TheFamousPeople.”Editors,,25 Sept.2017, Accessed 4 Jan.2018.”Duke Ellington Facts and Biography.”Siteseen Ltd, Accessed 8 Jan. 2018.

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