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Based on a
true story, a man by the name of Ray Kroc ( actor: Michael Keaton ) who was a
desperate salesman who worked for a company in Illios at the time, and had gone
from drive-ins to drive-ins trying to sell a multi-mixing milkshake machine
until one day he had received a phone call from his assistant who had told him
that a place by the name of McDonalds had ordered 6 of his products. As many
drive-ins had turned down his product, Ray had seen this as his chance to
success. Enthusiastically, Ray decided to travel to Southern California to
visit the new company that he had never heard of. He had been astonished by the
new system of walk-in service and fell in love with the taste of the McDonalds
burger. He had then met the owners Mac ( John Carroll Lynch ) and Dick
McDonalds ( Nick Offeman ) who started the business in the 1950s. Ray
astonished by what he was being told by the brothers and by the site of the
McDonalds speed system, had seen potential in the company and, with
persistence, was able to start off by signing a contract to start franchising
the company and ended up buying the company from the brothers and turning it
into the multi-billion dollar empire it is today. Ray had made his work his
priority which had cost him his first marriage to Ethel Kroc (Laura Dern ) but
later on had married Joan Smith (Linda Cardellini ) who was married to one of
Ray’s franchise owners. This story is based in America during the 1950s after
WW2 when business was booming and opportunities where high. The central points
of the film are the desperation and persistence of Ray, the innovative and
creative ideas of the McDonald brothers, Ray’s communication skills , the
relationship of the McDonald brothers and the relationship of Ray and Ethel,
the ruthlessness of Ray and how greed can consume a person.











and leadership

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and leadership are two different concepts that are closely linked. Management
is a position of authority of which to maintain and focus on the systems and
structure of the business and to accept the status quo. To be a successful
manager you must also be a leader and have entrepreneurial qualities in order
to be equipped for the position. Leadership on the other hand is someone who
has experience to make people aware of the advantages of doing a certain course
of action by creating a desire in people to follow him/her to achieve a common
goal. A leader focuses on the people and challenges the status quo. There are
many different Management and Leadership styles which include Democratic; to
allow subordinates to provide impute, Autocratic; to seldom allow subordinate
impute, Laissez-Faire; where a manager believes in no interference of carrying
out tasks but expects a certain result in the end, Transactional; which is a
“give and take” method, Transformational; which is charismatic by nature and
emphasises on teamwork, and lastly Situational; which is a combination of all
the management styles. Managers also have certain tasks such as Control; which
provides feedback to the manager if there are any problems as standards are set
which are measured by performance and deviations are corrected, Coordination;
the cooperation between all departments and creating synergy, Communication;
improves overall performance and ensures coordination, Delegation;  the distribution of all tasks and
responsibilities, Decision Making; choices in favour of improving the business,
Discipline; to improve future behaviour, Planning; to ensure actions are geared
towards the desirable outcome, Organizing; to ensure that all resources benefit
the company, Leading; for guidance and support to employees, and lastly
Motivation; either monetary such as a salary increase or non-monetary such as
job enlargements.

to the movie

Ray opened
the first McDonald franchise and kept it running smoothly by initially
following the status quo and used a transactional form of leadership style as
in the movie it shows a scene where Ray is in the kitchen encouraging and
teamwork and inspires and motivates the employees as he is telling the employees to keep smiling
and congratulates an employee for his good work. Ray is able to pursue the
management tasks as he keeps the franchise under control by checking in on all
the franchise to ensure they are all of an expected standard as well as
communicating his ideas and attitude to his employees as displayed in the film
where he builds a relationship with Mr and Mrs Smith which improves the overall
performance of the business. Ray contains management skills such as having
initiative as he is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the business
such as opening up more franchises in different states to expand the business.
He also has negotiation skills as he is able to convey his opinions in a clear
matter which is shown in the beginning of the film where he is easily able to
convince the McDonald brothers to allow him to run a franchise.

Professionalism and Ethics


Professionalism is the capability or skill expected of a professional. Ethics
are the morals , principles and values under which an organization operates.
This consists of ethical theories such as Consequence based; which determines whether
the action is right or wrong, Principle based; which are predetermined rules of
a person which implies having very strong personal moral boundaries such as
cheating for example, Narrative based; which is the use of different stories
such as court cases to complement each other, Utilitarian; which is what is
right for the greater number of people such as BBBEE and lastly, Virtue based;
this emphasises moral behaviour .This also consists of unethical behaviour.
This includes, Conflict of interest; moral conflict , Inappropriate gifts/
bribe and corruption; large presents or amount of money in order to better
his/her position from a competitor, Sexual harassment; unwelcome and uninvited
sexual advice, comments or actions, Tax evasion; not disclosing or lying about
income, Insider trade; illegally buying and selling shares on the stock
exchange with use of the businesses internal information, Piracy ; illegal use
or reproduction of somebodies work if it is protected by a patent or copyright
and finally Counterfeiting/Bootlegging; someone fraudulently imitating
another’s work and pretending it’s their own. It is also the illegal production
and distribution of a product.

Application to the movie

The McDonald brothers are very stern when it comes to the
ethics of their company as they believe in principle based theory as they have
certain moral boundaries such as making sure that their product is purely from
the McDonald brand as for example, they turn down Ray’s idea of making CocaCola
their new supplier regardless of how much more money they would be making. Ray
however operates unethically with the McDonald brothers as he performs
unethical actions such as conflict of interest when he brings in the idea of
powder milkshake even after the McDonald brothers had opted against it due to
the code of ethics of their company. Ray also undergoes piracy as he uses the
McDonald brothers company as well as their design and uses it as his own even
though he had signed a contract with them. He also slightly uses counterfeiting
as when he went for dinner with the Smiths he made them believe the company was
his idea and that the first McDonalds belonged to him.






Conflict management


Conflict management comes in two forms, dysfunctional and
functional. Dysfunctional is an aggressive form of conflict where employees
refuse to work together and which hampers productivity. Functional is
non-aggressive and stimulates creativity as well as creates respect for each
other’s point of view. Conflict occurs in the workplace due to different
personalities clashing with one another; different backgrounds, cultures and
values which can lead to irritations and hamper productivity; poor communication
which leads to misunderstandings and role conflict ; change, as it bring
uncertainties and people fear what they don’t know; limited resources, causes
stress among employees as they can’t get the job done in time; and lastly ,
previously unresolved issues which may erupt in conflict in the future. Luckily
there are many tools to deal with conflict. This includes avoidance, which is
to ignore and withdraw or postpone the dealing if it is not of any importance
to the business; compromising, which is a mutual agreement and is a democratic
style which allows both parties to have equal power; accommodating, to be
cooperative not assertive and yield to others point of view; forcing , which is
when one party is in position of authority and forces their solution on the
subordinate, and finally negotiation, which is where two people sort out their
own differences. With the use of these tools conflict may be abolished and more
positive outcomes such as the ability to deal with change and the ability to
think and act strategically may occure. However, if none of these tools work
efficiently, a third party will then be introduced. For example, the use of
negotiation where two people sort out their differences and come to a
compromise by themselves. If this doesn’t work, then conciliation is put in
place where a third party facilitates the discussion. If this doesn’t work,
then mediation is introduced where the third party gets involved and gives
advice. Finally if nothing has changed, arbitration is put in place where the
third party makes a judgement call.

Application to the movie

The McDonald brothers display dysfunctional conflict with Ray
as they are constantly having arguments over the phone where nothing is
resolved. This is due to the fact that Ray wants change in the company where as
the McDonald brothers are afraid of change as they have been following a safe
simple system since the company was started. Poor communication between the
brothers and Ray also leads to conflict as Ray makes decisions without informing
the brothers on his decision. The conflict between them is resolved when Ray
brings in a third party who is a man who is helping Ray with his financial
issues and who tells Ray to run the business differently which results in Ray
using the forcing conflict management tool against  the McDonald brothers who agree to end the
conflict by making a deal with Ray to have ownership of the company which
results in resentment.



The movies relevance to the sags document

As a result ,in terms of the SAGS document, the movie
outlines aspects of management such as management tasks which are displayed
through Ray as he compiles communication and keeps everything under control as
well as applying management competencies such as team work and having initiative.
Ray and the McDonald brothers display management and leadership styles such as
transformational. Professionalism and ethics play a major role in the film as
it displays the ethical and unethical behaviour such as the unprincipled acts
of Ray in order to succeed which breaks the McDonald professional code. Similarly
, conflict management is displayed throughout the movie as it displays dysfunctional
conflict between Ray and the McDonald brothers as well as displays the reason for
their conflict.

In conclusion, the movie is suitable for analysis in business
as in highlights topics such as management and leadership, conflict management and
well as professionalism and ethics amongst the characters.

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