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quick. Life can flash before person’s eyes in a matter of seconds. Images of a person’s
loved one and the people they didn’t get to say goodbye to in just one blink of
an eye. People lose their lives by a firearm every single day. In Las Vegas,
Nevada 58 people and 500 people were injured in a mass shooting during a
country music festival. The gunman fired on the crowd of people from the 32nd
floor of the hotel. Twenty-three weapons were found in the hotel room,
including multiple rifles. Stricter laws should be implemented on guns to
decrease the number of deaths and violence in the United States such as, higher
security, better technology in public areas and as children and adults we
should be educated on the effects of guns.

control laws cover restrictions placed on firearms to tell people which ones
can be bought and sold, who is able to buy and sell them, which types of fire
arms can be carried and sold, and the duty the seller has to report any
transaction made with a buyer to the government. Today, gun control prohibits
certain people from owning any types of firearm such as, people with certain
types of criminal records and records of mental illness, immigrants without
legal status, drug addicts, Veterans who were discharged from the army with a
record of dishonorable discharge, and anyone who has a restraining order against
a partner or a partner’s child. Background checks are made buy licensed guy
sellers, through a F.BI. run database, to see if a buyer is eligible and if
they fall under any of these restrictions.

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has recently witnessed a number of mass shooting in malls, schools, and other
public places. Some of the culprits took their own lives before police could
even arrive. Americans are losing friends and family in these mass murders. The
population is being decreased, but the problem continues. Studies show that “26
at a church, 26 in a elementary school, 49 in a nightclub, 58 at a country
music festival” mass shootings have happened in America (Berkowitz 1). Why has
nothing been done after so many tragedies? In Australia in 1996, a man shot and
killed 35 people. This caused Australia to put strict laws regarding gun use.
As a result, the number of mass killings has been decreased drastically. There
are politicians in the United States who support strong gun control, such as previous
president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. These are good intentions, but why
hasn’t anything been done? America needs to look over laws on gun control in
each state and make sure they are equal. 
Everyone should be subjected to strict rules.                  

Stephan Craig
Paddock, a 64-year old resident of Mesquite, Nevada, was named as the shooter
of the country music festival. At least 23 weapons were found inside the hotel
room and when authorizes checked the mans home, they found even more weapons,
including 19 firearms, explosives and unidentified electronic devices as well
as thousands of rounds of ammunition. Paddock hung a “Do not disturb” sign on
his suite door as he got the hotel room ready. CEO Jeffrey Muller, a former FBI
agent believes that Las Vegas hotels should increase security after the
deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The hotel footage shows that
there were multiple interactions with Paddock that day which looked to be
normal interactions. Laws should be implemented that increases the security in
public works. Hotels in Vegas should include new luggage scanners, which
require an officer to physically open a costumer’s bag and new technology to detect
what’s inside without the person’s knowledge.

Second Amendment states “a well requited militia, being necessary to the
security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall
not be infringed”(U.S. constitution 1). Many people believe that taking away their
guns limits their ability to protect themselves in self-defense. These people
believe that life is too precious, and that they can only protect their lives
if they have the proper equipment. Despite this smart take on gun use, there
are people who go beyond this. Supporters of strong gun control believe guns
should be banned from private ownership in order to decrease crimes committed
with firearms. By taking away guns from private ownership, therefore takes away
the ability to easily commit and accomplish a crime. Two gun control
advocators, who go by the names of Arthur Kellerman and Donald T. Raey, completed
some of their own research. In this statistic, Kellerman and Raey state that “a
gun will be used in a justified shooting one time, while forty three other
people are killed by a gun unjustly, either by suicide, accident, or criminal (Heumer
9). According to these researchers, gun ownership is not worth it.

Gun control laws such as higher security and by banning private ownership
should be in place to decrease the death rate in the United States. The
enormity of Paddock’s weapons arsenal, and the speed at which he was able to
mow down dozens of festival attendees within minutes, has prompted questions
over what types and how many firearms people should be allowed to purchase.
Congress needs to introduce a bill that bans all assault and multi-round
weapons, all silencers and weapons of mass destruction. Strong Gun control can
prevent and decrease the number of crimes committed by firearm. These weapons
are being used against the general public for the express purpose of mass murder.

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