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Background History

BoldDisk was founded by two computer professors in Waltham
Massachusetts in 1982. The main function of the business was primarily
manufacturing storage media such as floppy disks. The company continues to
focus on storage devices as the technologies evolved. Technologies that were
produced are utilized in many ways such as but also includes mobile phones,
digital cameras, tablets, notebook computers and other electronic devices. In
2012 the company was renamed to BoldFlash with an estimated revenue of $20
Billion by 2010. Although the company is known for its reputation for quality
with competitors and customers, which was headed by a PhD-level scientist. Over
the past few years, the company has faced growing issues and concerns from
customers for the lack of innovation and good customer service. There have been
big communication challenges which have affected the company such as the
component for electric devices have fallen behind competitors and they have
been experiencing pressure on both price and the company’s inability to create
new product quickly. This has caused the company to completely miss critical
market device to another competitor who had taken advantage over this. The
behavior of the former Vice President was seen by employees as an absolute
power, and employees were forced to protect themselves and their territories,
therefore there was no communication sent within the company and between
departments. Due to miscommunication, there were infight between departments
particularly product development. BoldFlash has seen a lot of unproductive
conflict between departments, which has caused lack of unwise business
processes and poor communications which has led to problems within the company
and this has led to distrust and dissatisfaction. Also because of lack of
communication manufacturing have been struggling to communicate with and work
as the team, which has caused the product development process to be
dysfunctional (Beer & Shelton, 2012).

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Due to lack of communications a lot of the departments have
been affected, these are the department:

Marketing: these
are a recent college graduate with no experience in their daily work activity
and their project leaders have never been clearly defined. This has caused
issues in finding employees in Project Development, Sales and particularly the
manufacturing. (Beer & Shelton, 2012).

Sales: This
department does not consult with other departments before they create a
proposal, no one in that department listen to anyone in any other departments
when information is giving concerning product manufacturing. For example, they
made a promised to a customer which cause the system to overload and crashed.
(Beer & Shelton, 2012).

Product Development:
There have been a lack of communication between Sales and Market about product
development initiatives especially when question is asking they will defer the
questions to another manager in different depart

(Beer & Shelton, 2012).

 I will be considering
internal business processes, the key stakeholders will be R Product
Release Process, Product delivery commitment process and Product enhancements,
there will be some basic practices introductions, and a simple framework for
communication will be constructed.






Internal Business Process

The internal business process is in ruins. The business has
fallen behind competitors as they were experiencing pressure on prices and
their inability to market a new product in a fashionable time. They were also
missing critical component for their storage devices, which their competitor
took advantage off. There is a total lack of a procedure or appropriate practice
for communications, example Harrison the ex-Vice President was seen by
employees as an absolute power and employees were forced to protect themselves
and their territories, therefore there was no communication sent within the
company and between departments. (Beer and Shelton 2012)

 The company does not
have a plan for technical communication on any level, as there were a lot of
unproductive conflict between the functional department, therefore,
communications are lacking any obvious principle and were very poorly written.
These written communications were not clear, efficient, or defined. The
department leads we’re not communicating with each other as corporate will not
visit other departments. The leader was working in different time zones and there
were a lot of misunderstood by those in other regions of the country and
especially to those who are in the other countries manufacturing.

There must be an immediate plan of action to address this
area of communications. A set plan must be in place to address this issue
because the business will not able to survive new management system. Good
technical communication throughout the company will be a huge task but must be
implemented as soon as possible to eliminate lack of communication that exists
today (Beer &Shelton, 2012).



Framework for Communication:


Setting a huddles or team meeting were sales
employee can voice their concern regarding delivery dates for product

Sales team communicating with manufacturing
concerning availability of products

Listening to the manufacturing team when they
are voicing their concern concerning a proposal made by the Sales team to

Implementations of sales force software instead
of educated instinct

Training provided to the sales team before doing
a trade show and after to get their feedback on the tradeshow



Training giving to all marketing graduates to
have a better understand of the product they are providing customers

Involved in product creation by working closely
with the manufacturing team

Simplify the marketing vision so everyone can
understand their mission

Listen to customer complaint more and prioritize
instead of writing reports that are not being ready by employee

Product Development

Create an environment that will allow employees
to be able to work with the different department in collaborations.

The head of the department should be able to
reachable by heads of department and should be available to participate in a
team with other managers

Training in communication technologies and nor
technical within the departments

When a company is not communicating accurately essential
information will fall in the cracks sent by directors and managers to the
employees. These are the changes needed to take place

framework will impact those departments

The current communication in BoldFlash is a vertical
communication which is causing a huge effect on their business process. The
instructions are being communicated to the managers are being transmitted from
the top-level management, but little has been done to understand the actual
needs and wants of the teams that are having difficulty in performing the
tasks. Another requirement that the top management needs to have is patience
along with good communication skills. The memos that are being circulated is
vague and incomplete, causing more confusion amongst the teams. The instruction
that is being sent out should reach to the designated teams and the message that
is being conveyed should be simple and clear.

Few strategies that BoldFlash could use to improve their
communication process are by understanding the main objective of the project.
Next step would be to have frequent brainstorming sessions so that all teams
are able to understand what really is going and also come up with solutions for
any roadblocks that teams are facing.

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