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transportation is becoming a major source of greenhouse emissions, which forces
us to think of developing technology that will provide cleaner and lower carbon
emission solutions. Use of lightweight materials in vehicles without
compromising with design and performance can be more fuel-efficient, which will
lower carbonaceous gas emission. Also reported that our cumulative consumption
of natural resources over the last 60 years is greater than that over the whole
of previous human history and during this period passenger mobility in India
has jumped approximately 15 times.  

and their alloys are the essential mainstay of automotive manufacturing and it
boosts the economic growth. However, present metal/alloy processing technology is
extremely energy consuming and causes a huge adverse impact to our environment.
Hence, the new environmental friendly processing technologies should replace the
present model of material processing.

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project will specifically focus on the light metal treatment considering from
early stage of metal production to recycling. Core research activity will be at
National Institute of Technology, Raipur (India) strongly supported by the
complementary expertise of our academic spokes from university of Warwick (UK)
and a significant amount of investment from our industrial partners Vedanta
Limited (India) and Advance Metal Casting (UK). We will conduct fundamental and
applied research in field metallurgy to develop advance technology to developed
high performance metallic materials and sustainable metal processing
technologies to reduce greenhouse emissions during the manufacturing and use of
material. We will operate a comprehensive outreach programme to engage
potential stakeholders to ensure the widest possible impact of our research,
especially in transport industries. This research activity we will embed into department
of Metallurgical Engineering for training undergraduate, postgraduate students
and engineers from industries in liquid metal engineering to train future
leaders to deliver long-lasting benefits of metal processing.

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