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identification is one of the most well-known and publicized biometrics. To
prevent non-licensees from driving and therefore causing accidents we can make
use of this finger print identification method. The proposed system consists of
a smart card capable of storing the fingerprint of particular person. While
issuing the license, the specific person’s fingerprint is to be stored in the
card. Vehicles should have a card reader capable of reading the particular
license. The same vehicle should have the facility of fingerprint reader
device. A person who wishes to drive the vehicle should insert the smartcard in
the vehicle and then swipe his/her finger. If the fingerprint matches with the
fingerprint stored in the smart card then it goes for alcohol detection and
seatbelt checking. After passing all authentications, the vehicle will be
ignited. If any one of the authentications fails, the vehicle will not be
ignited and will not proceed to the next step. This ensures safe driving by
preventing accidents


card reader, Fingerprint module, Alcohol sensor, Seatbelt detector



Violation of traffic rules was a major issue in many countries. There is
one death in every four minutes due to a road accident in India. Survey says
that the accidents happened mostly by the unlicensed drivers, drunken drivers
and less usage of seatbelts. Owing to unsafe conditions on roads, the rate of
accidents in India has been high. Drunken driving is one of the leading causes
of road fatalities. According to Global status report on road safety 2013,
over1,37,000people were killed in road accidents in 2013 alone, that is more than the number of people killed in all our wars put together. Nearly 1,50,785 persons
were killed in 2016 as against 1,46,133 in 2015.


The proposed
system make use of biometric authentication method. It consists of smart card
capable for storing the

fingerprint of a particular person. Only licensed people will get this
smart card. While issuing the license, the specific person’s fingerprint is to
be stored in the card. First, the person should insert the smart card and
provide the finger print. If this smart card is inserted into the vehicle only
then the driver’s authenticity will be verified by the system and will be
allowed to drive the vehicle. If the fingerprint matches with the fingerprint
stored in the smart card then it goes for alcohol detection and seatbelt
checking. A person is checked by alcohol detector to ensure whether that person
is drunk or not. Seat belt detector verifies and prompts the person to wear the
seatbelt. After passing all authentications, the vehicle will be ignited. The
vehicle will not be ignited, if any one of the authentications fails and will
not proceed to the next step. If the person is drunk or seat belt is not worn
by the user then the ignition will turn off and gives a buzzer alert









Everywhere in the world the vehicle usage became important and also
biometric and non-biometric methods are provided for preventing it from theft.
The recognition techniques like fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and
facial recognition are the biometric systems becoming popular. Among these
techniques, fingers print recognition and detection systems are easy to use,
sophisticated and without their knowledge persons can be identified.

The security system for a vehicle, the objective is ensure safety of
vehicle by avoiding the means of theft and to prevent the theft of

vehicle. Ensuring authentication of driving is through finger print
recognition system that authenticates the user and gives access to the ignition
system. Biometric identification based security systems are considered to be
the most secure systems because of their ability to identify people with
minimal ambiguity. It uses a finger print detection and recognition system that
identifies and verifies a person automatically by extracting unique features of
that person’s fingerprint from an image. Fortunately, In general automated
biometrics can provide a much more accurate and reliable user authentication
method and fingerprint recognition is the one which is widely used. The key
factor of biometric recognition is identifying a person based on his or her
physiological characteristics.


Ignition using Fingerprint Sensor




Both the hardware and the software play an equal and an important role.
Instead of using the conventional methods to start the vehicle, Fingerprint of
the owner of the vehicle is use to start the vehicle. Rather than using the key
of the car to start the vehicle fingerprint is used to ignite and it gives more
security to the vehicle, since fingers can’t be duplicated. The center of the
User Authentication and the Vehicle Ignition is 16 bit AVR microcontroller. The
Fingerprint sensor takes the fingerprint of the user and sends the signals to
the microcontroller. Then microcontroller matches the scanned fingerprint with
the one that are stored in the database. Once the fingerprint get matched, the
microcontroller then sends the desired signal to the vehicle to ignite for the
user then can start the vehicle. Fingerprints can be added or deleted to the
database as per the user’s convenience. Since the microcontroller has a little
bit of flash memory available in it, the fingerprints can be stored. A GSM
module is also used which also plays an important role along with it three buttons
are present. A message is sent to all the registered users whenever a non-authenticated
person tries to scan his fingerprint. Since the vehicle will not start without
the fingerprint of the registered users. The vehicle have to store the
fingerprints of the users who are going to drive the vehicle. An LCD display is
also used for display the status whether the fingerprints are being added,
deleted or a successful authentication.



A system architecture is the conceptual model, it defines the structure,
behavior, and more views of a system. Architecture is a formal description and
representation of a system, organized in a way that supports reasoning about
structures of the system. Microcontroller have an important role in this
project. It receives the signals from the parameters in the form of bits and it
gives the output.

First, smart card is inserted in the smart card reader and fingerprint is
provided who wish to drive the vehicle. Then microcontroller will verify the
provided fingerprint with the fingerprint stored in the smart card. If both
matches then it goes for alcohol checking and seatbelt checking. If all
authentications are occur then the vehicle will be ignited. If the alcohol is
detected or seatbelt is not connected then the vehicle will be turned off and
buzzer is alerted, at the same time message will be displayed on LCD.



Block diagram of the proposed system



modules of the proposed system are explained below: There are 4 modules;

Finger print recognition module

Smart card reader

Alcohol sensor

Seat belt detector

a.  Finger print recognition module:

There are
different types of biometric identification methods employed in access control
like fingerprint recognition, facial

recognition. Biometric identification technology increase the security
level of systems. All biometric identification devices work similarly, by
comparing the template stored in its flash memory to the real time scan
obtained during the process of identification. In this project we use
fingerprint recognition module. This biometric device can store physical images
in binary form. Later the binary versions can be used to authenticate the user.
When the person put the finger on the reader, the LED will emit an IR rays. The
rays are absorbed by hemoglobin in our blood. The IR rays absorbed part will be
appeared as dark and remaining will be light. There is a CCD camera below the
fingerprint reader. It will capture the image appeared. It will send signal to
the microcontroller.

b.  Smart card reader:

Smart cards are of two types: contact dependent and contactless. Both
types have an embedded microprocessor/controller and memory. The smart card
differs from the proximity card. Proximity card has only one function: to
provide the reader with the card’s identification number. We use contact
dependent smart card Licenses are replaced with these smart cards. Smart card
reader is interconnected into microcontroller to transmit and receive the
signals to and from microcontroller. The smart card reader can read the finger
print image that present in the smart card. The smart card contains finger
print image of that particular person. Then the fingerprint of that person who
wish to drive the vehicle have to read by the fingerprint reader. Then the
microcontroller will check the matching of these two fingerprints which was
stored in the smart card and read by the fingerprint reader.

c.  Alcohol

Here we use MQ3 alcohol sensor. Which have fast detection range and high
sensitivity. Which is specialized for detecting alcoholic gases. If alcohol is
detected then a message is passed to the microcontroller and alert the buzzer.
The message displayed on the LCD and then vehicle stopped immediately.

Seat belt detector:

In this project as a seat belt detector we are using a switch. If the
switch is ON the system
will detect that the seatbelt
has worn, else not. That is, when the switch is ON,
vehicle will start otherwise it will not start. Also the message will be
displayed on LCD.


As proposed in this paper only authorized drivers can drive the vehicle
and misuse of vehicles by others can be prevented. The system monitors seat
belt status. It also shows the authentication status in LCD display. The system
ensures that vehicle’s access is given to only authorize personal and thus
accidents can be prevented. The developed prototype helps future research. This
paper focuses on the ignition of vehicle using sensors and smart card license.
By using this system, no one can drive without driving license and also no one
can use the others driving license.

It also ensures that the seat belt is worn by the driver and if the
driver is drunk, it can be checked by the alcohol detecting sensor. This
increases the security of vehicles and also ensures safe driving by preventing




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