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Austin ArsenaultChildroseEnvironment Essay Draft20 November, 2017How is the planet supposed to sustain life, at the rate that humans are obliterating its forests? Forests are essential to the very life of humans, and humans must cease their need to destroy our forests and continue to cut down these trees. Whether it be finding another resource to use or creating one, humans are hurting the environment drastically due to this excess amount of deforestation. Trees are clearly one of the most essential pieces to the planet’s ability to survive. Trees have been around for thousands of years, and humans are simply just cutting them down. Most deforestation is caused because of the want to industrialize even farther and to clear more land for things like hotels, shopping centers, or even a hospital. States like Massachusetts are once again deforesting for suburban needs and do add to the happiness of the people of the cities, but these “deforestation hotspots” are eventually going to face difficulties due to the absence of trees in their once plentiful forests. (Blumstein). To concede, all of these things are very beneficial to the people. But, trees are so much more important. To say that humans have overdone deforestation and caused to much harm to go back is an overstatement. Humans must stop where we are, and not allow deforestation any longer. Deforestation is the root for so many other environmentally harming subjects, and the reduction of deforestation will affect their negative impacts as well. Trees have given people to build so many things, but now, it is time to find another resource, because not only are there more environmentally friendly ways to build, but there are cheaper ways to build. People must let the technology develop, and not shun the potential solution because of its initial cost. Here in the northeast, states like Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire have reforested 155,000 h.a. of abandoned agricultural land, making up for their 133,00 h.a. of forests cleared to build suburban homes and other city functions for suburban living. (Riebel) Deforestation also lends to the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Deforestation accounts for 25% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and that number will only increase if people maintain their current habits. Pennsylvania is a known, forested area. Pennsylvania is also the leading state in the nation in air pollution due to power plants. (Cousins). Pennsylvania blatantly has no respect for the environment, which exemplifies the problem in many northeastern states. Now that those trees are cut down, they cannot even inhale the carbon dioxide that deforestation is emitting. Trees have always cleansed the environment of carbon dioxide, because they inhale the carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, which is essential to life survival for any creature. If all trees are cut down, which is a hyperbolic statement, then eventually life shall cease to exist, potentially. Along with that, deforestation is one of the many factors of global warming. The process of deforestation lets our enough harmful emissions in the first place, but then humans are taking away nature’s ability to cleanse some of that pollution with the trees. Along with that, the construction aids to global warming as well as the trees are being turned into useful building materials and then assembled in un-environmentally conscious ways. Trees are a source that is dwindling, and humans are only hurting themselves and the future of the planet as they continue to cut down these trees.  Deforestation is also a major cause to the loss of biodiversity. It used to be said that a squirrel could happily go from state to state without ever having to touch the ground because of the amount of forests. When humans cut down trees, they are essentially cutting down the shelters for so many other species. Due to this, some species are reaching all-time lows in terms of existence. It is calculated that there have been more than 35,000 square miles of forests lost. (Yin). So many different species can live within a wooded area, and when trees are taken away, so are their ability to survive and thrive. Along with this, deforestation is causing many trees to migrate to more suitable climates. When the environment around the trees changes, they aim to find the most beneficial environment for themselves. When the weather changes due to global warming, some environments become warmer. Many of the trees cannot survive in a warmer climate, so they begin to move up mountains to more isolated places that are cooler and make it easier for them to survive and even reproduce. When trees begin to migrate, obviously there is a serious problem that must be reckoned with. Both legal and illegal logging are giant problems helping to cause the growth of deforestation. Trees are being cut down to simply put money into people’s pockets which could be solved in many other ways. People are tearing apart forests, competing for certain trees so their company can make the absolute most money possible. It is insane to think that humans are competing over who can cut down and transport trees the fastest, just to have those same trees end up in their home, in their burn pile, or even on the swing set. The Lacey Act of 2008 attempted to slow down this uproar of deforestation, but the efforts were somewhat in vein. (Lee). The restrictions were not of high enough quality and too many regulations would be placed. Either way, it seems as if the Lacey Act was a pointless attempt to help the environment because deforestation helps the economy so much in today’s world.  Deforestation is no recent issue either, we are only just beginning to deal with it. Deforestation has been occurring ever since the original people settled. Native Americans really picked up the rate of deforestation when they were building things like longhouses and starting the basis needs of a society. Without this deforestation there may have not been Native Americans, but that significant spike in deforestation didn’t seem to stop there. Even before then, Neolithic cultures burned and cleared forests for crops in order to have a healthy economy. So, little did they know, their need for shelter, warmth, and other things from trees would turn into what it has become today. (Williams). The amount of people being born into certain areas of the states are heavily affecting deforestation as well. Deforestation is growing in certain areas of the northeast because of the increase in population and the locality of people. Once these people are boring in a town, they aren’t leaving, so they have kids their too. Eventually, there are more people and the need for many more homes, public buildings, parks, farms, along with many other things. (Clement).Deforestation is clearly a large issue that is networked with several other issues. It has a chain reaction in many forms of the environment, and none of them are beneficial besides the unreasonable growth of business building and homes, along with other things. Deforestation is a forced to be reckoned with due to its harm to its surrounding environments, its effects on biodiversity, human’s reliance on trees, and all the good they due to aid the rest of our environment by simply being present. 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