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August 17th, 1933 Just yesterday, the barbaric murder of a man occurred. This man was a twenty-five year old with a wife and three children. A man accused of a crime I believe he did not commit. This man was Tom Robinson. Earlier this month, Tom Robinson was brought into court by Bob Ewell, who claimed Tom raped his daughter, Mayella. The lawyer chosen for Tom was Atticus Finch who, in my opinion, is one of the most superb lawyers Maycomb has ever seen. Which adds to my confusion as to why Tom was found guilty, considering the evidence presented proved his innocence. The evidence all added up to the fact that it was Bob Ewell who raped and abused Mayella, not Tom. A point brought up during the case increased my suspicion that something wasn’t adding up with Bob’s story. Bob never called a doctor to check Mayella. Now, isn’t that strange? If a man walks in and sees his daughter being taken advantage of, wouldn’t he want to make sure she was physically okay? Another point made was that the damage was on the right side of Mayella’s face. That seems irellevant, right? Well to inflict that type of damage the person must have been left handed, and Tom Robinson had a nonfunctioning, crippled left arm. That should have been a red flag to the jury because Bob Ewell is left handed. These facts should have stood out to the jury and given them reason to say that Tom was not the guilty man, Bob Ewell was. The reason they didn’t? It’s unfortunately obvious. Tom Robinson was black and the jury was made up of white men. Unfortunately, Tom didn’t stand a chance. When will people realize that race does not define the character of a person? When will white people give black people the chance to peacefully coexist with them? When will people see that the innocent are being killed simply to protect the white men and women from the consequences of their actions? The amount of ignorance in this world is nonsensical. We need to wake up and see the idiocracy of our actions. Tom Robinson is dead. There is no way to heal the hurt his family and friends feel. We can’t bring him back. But we can begin to heal the broken bonds of humanity by removing this racism from our communities. It all starts with us realizing the wrongs that we have committed. An innocent man was murdered. You may ignore it all that you want, but I won’t. Justice needs to be served, and it begins now. I will not be silenced by the anger of the white citizens who disagree with me, and I will not allow my opinion to be altered. Change is crucial in these moments, and I will not simply wait for it. I hope you will not either. We, as a community of white people, need to rise up against the racism of the people around us. We need to make it clear that we will not allow the segregation and violence to continue. As a community we can end this. Are you going to use your privileges for nothing, or will you stand up and help better the world? We have the chance to make a change, and it’s up to us to take it.

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