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Athletic activities have many positive benefits for many people especially for children. People today are not doing enough athletic activities and are getting over weight. Athletics can improve many things such as people’s well-being to appearance. Studies have been conducted over the years and research showed there are many positive benefits from athletics. Academics are improving, social skills are improving with children as well as overall health for all ages. Athletics must be done by all people to obtain many positive benefits.There are many positive benefits of participating in athletic programs. Participating in athletic programs have been proven to increase academics. Sarah Bailey is an American journalist who focuses on college attitudes and learning. “although they included potential leniency in the treatment of student-athlete by professors, as well as possibly getting more assistance, they also noted that the drive to win and the will to become better in their sport could spill over into their academics”(Bailey, pg 174). Athletes have a “drive to win” attitude, this attitude affects their academics in a positive way. For example, the “drive to win” attitude continues in the classroom because athletes want to win. They want to win and succeed in class  as well as on the field. Not succeeding will lead to a lower GPA which could lead to the inability to play in their sport. An athlete’s drive to become a better player and learn from mistakes in their sport can affect their performance in school positively. The coaches influence as well as the team’s influence has an affect on academics. The coach and teammates are depending on the player to play. By succeeding academically the player is not letting down their coach or teammates. Positive influence has positive effects for student-athletes which builds bonds to help improve their social life.Participating in athletics has been proven to improve social skills and build lasting friendships. Wen-Ing is a journalist and studies physiological behavior. “Previous research have emphasized the importance of sport participation for individuals self-esteem… sport promotes positive adjustment by offering opportunities to learn, for example, athletic skills, peer relationships, and non academic competency” (Wen-Ing, pg 699). Partaking in athletic activities help create bonds and friendships. When participating in sports one is surrounded by teammates constantly, they learn to trust and accept each other. Multiple studies have occurred and found that people who participated in athletics feel accepted and closer to their teammates. Another study occurred which showed that people who has done or is doing athletics felt better about themselves and in what they are doing.This provides a nice relaxing way to compete without stressing over school. As social skills improve physical health is also improved tremendously.Health is important to everyone today; all of us want to become healthier and fit. Eveland Sayers is a scientific writer who states “Benefits from sport participation with more favorable blood pressure, lipid profiles, and percent body fat levels than those who do not participate in sports” (Sayers, pg 118). People can decrease body fat levels simply by doing athletic activities. Weight loss can be achieved in athletics as well as a gain in muscle mass. Hand eye coordination is improved due to people having to think quick on their feet and react fast. As people’s health increases so does their energy levels increase too. Everyone’s body energy increases the more they do athletics to keep up with what the person is doing, this is a positive benefit especially for student athletes. Athletes have more energy which will help them concentrate in school and help in work. Diets are subject to change due to having to eat right in order to get the required proteins needed to sustain activity in the athletic. Athletics are great for the heart as it will be less prone to failure. Since blood has to be pumped more constantly during the activity, it is like a work out for the heart. Since the heart is improving the immune system is as well. The heart is able to pump more blood which means an increase in white blood cells which help fight against diseases. Health is greatly increased in athletic activities some people disagree with participating in certain activities due to concussions.Concussions are a problem especially with young children. “Studies have shown that exposure to head impacts, even without a recognized concussion, can result in changes in the blood brain barrier, structural changes in the brain’s white matter, and functional impairment” ( Christine M. Baugh pg 297). Concussions have negative effects on not only children but adults as well. Continuous concussions have more long term effects and more serious dangers. Concussions can lead to depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering. Their is no way of preventing concussions as they are hard to prevent but states are enlisting laws to help reduce the number of concussions and permanent damage. States such as Massachusetts instituted a law called The Lystedt Law. “Briefly, the Lystedt Law emphasizes annual concussion education for athletes and parents, removal-from-play for athletes suspected of suffering a concussion, and medical clearance from a designated health professional before returning to play” ( L. Doucette pg 503). This law requires schools to give concussions education to all student athletes as well as their parents. Most schools make people sign forms that showed that they understand the risk and what a concussion is. If athletes are suspected of having a concussion they are pulled out from play and are tested to see if they have a concussion. If they do have a concussion then they are not allowed to play in that activity or any other athletic activities until cleared by a medical professional. Equipment is also being upgraded to help ensure that children are less likely to get a concussion so they can continue playing and doing what they love to do.Positive benefits can be achieved through participating in athletic activities. Academics can be greatly improved just by simply doing athletics. Student-athletes have a drive to win attitude which goes over into the academics, making them try harder and become successful. Social skills can improve due to constantly being surrounded by teammates who trust each other. People felt more socially accepted and felt better about themselves in everyday activities. Health is greatly affected by doing athletics, from a better heart to a better appearance. Longer life is achieved through sports as well as less prone to getting a disease. Many people state that sports, especially contact sports, are dangerous to children. Concussions are one of these reasons why. States are instituting laws that enforce education about concussions and stricter rules to participating with a concussion. Based off of all this information the best choice for someone id to participate in athletics to help better improve everyone’s life.

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