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At times, mistakes are usually
made in the Project approach especially if a project manager rushes headlong
into planning, only to find that the plan does not use the best approach to
develop and deliver the end product. My first consideration was whether or not
the products can be provided in-house or contracted out to third parties,
taking into account our skills, Knowledge and experience. Another consideration
is the design approach taken.  For example the solution may consist of a
modification to an existing product, or should it be a brand new design? Thus,
the project approach the team adopted was used as an input to create the
strategy documents contained within the project and initiation documentation.
Let’s consider one real issue in our project, finding
a suitable area to locate the new distribution hub adds to the project
risk, and how all this is to be managed was clearly stated in the Risk
Management Strategy document. My take here was that we have to
choose a project approach that best delivers the project’s product and one for
which the outline business case remains viable, desirable and

 Our Project Management team had a good PID
that captured the corporate objective of our mandate which is increasing
customer, sales and profit. The Business case we prepared as overseen by the
Project manager was robust and all encompassing but one of my earliest concerns
was the Timescale. I was of the option of a reduction in the timescale of 18-24
months to 12-18 months. The factors I considered were borne out of the expected
dis-benefits on embarking on the project. If we say Initially
Pure Energy is not increasing their work force during the expansion period,
this could potentially lead to a decline in production. The current work force
will be required to oversee the expansion and therefore they will not be able
to dedicate as much time to production, so for how long do we expect a decline
in the company’s current production? One year, 18 months? I was always on the
side of caution whenever a loss was foreseen but from an overview of the
project it wasn’t really feasible to conclude it within just one and half year
as I was suggesting.

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Economist say
funds are limited in supply and that’s a valid fact. So, a crucial stage in our
project was during the costing of the project which entails transitioning the
distribution hub from the island to the mainland, along with implementing a new
IT infrastructure and outsourcing public relations and marketing
expertise.  Haughey, D. (2014) stated
that two types of cost exits as regards budgeting and project managers. These
are direct and indirect costs.
Direct Costs: These costs are easily attributed to
the project and charged on an item-by-item basis. Examples are;

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