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At CES 2018, in Los Vegas Nevada, something remarkable happened in Technology, but will it come to the “Never Settle” company? The Iphone X has face Unlock, the One Plus 5t has Face Unlock, and a Fingerprint scanner while the Note 8 has an Iris Scanner, Face Unlock and a Fingerprint Scanner. Since the Iphone X ditched the Fingerprint Scanner for face unlock, it may seem like more phones will do so in the future. However this is not the Case. BBK Electronics Company’s Vivo announced the first phone to have an In Display Fingerprint Scanner. This would be the biggest thing in phone security, since the Toshiba G500 and the G900 in 2007 when it introduced the first fingerprint scanner. It became widely popular in 2012 when Apple introduced it to its Iphones, and since then they only grew in popularity. Fingerprint Scanning is the most secure way to unlock your phone, much to the dismay of Apples Face Unlock which is not much more secure than the Oneplus 5t’s snappy back fingerprint scanner that unlocks in just 0.2 seconds, while Apple’s latest flagship takes around 1.2 seconds. That’s 6 times slower on the Apple phone. Yet, they are nearly as secure. Apple ditched the fingerprint scanner, while the Oneplus 5t has both, and soon…maybe an in-display fingerprint scanner. BBK electronics owns VIVO, OPPO, and Oneplus. These phones have similar designs, and price however the Oneplus company is much more private. Vivo already has the in-display fingerprint scanner ready to launch, and OPPO is also conformed to have it. However, will the Oneplus 6 have this key feature that Apple and Samsung have been working on for years? The answer; unknown, but likely. Oppo, Vivo, and Oneplus all have similar looking phones with similar specs, however Vivo and Oppo are nearly Identical while Oneplus is available in many more countries with better specs, and better sales. Oneplus also has a younger founder, being Carl Pei, who is 28 years old, founding the company in 2014 who is “up to the times” you may say. In western countries VIVO, and OPPO phones are extremely expensive due to the fact that they are not widespread, and can cost a $100 more than if it were sold in China, or India. However Oneplus costs $500 in the United States, is mainstream, and somewhat widespread. Oneplus is also the largest seller of smartphones from China in the United States. The Never Settle company, if it adopted the in-display fingerprint scanner would be the first in the United States. It would revolutionize Smartphones, and get rid of the bottom bezel leading an at least 90% screen to body ratio. Compared to the LG V30’s 81.21%, the Iphone X’s 82.35%, the Essential Phone’s 84.85%, the S8’s 84.6%, the S8+’s 83.38%, and the Note 8’s 82.98%, and the Oneplus 6’s predecessor the Oneplus 5T’s 80.43% screen to body ratio. All phone’s today have at least two bezels, the bottom “chin” bezel, or the Top bezel which could spread the entire screen such as the Note 8 or the Oneplus 5t, or even just the camera and essentials like on the Iphone X, and the Essential phone. If there was this In-Display fingerprint scanner there would be at least an 90% screen to body ratio, the highest on any phone. According to Gizmochina, the Oneplus 6 will have these two key features, a 90% screen to body ratio and an In-Display Fingerprint Scanner. The Oneplus 5t had an amazing display, being an Amoled 1080 x 2160 pixel per inch screen density. More reports include saying that the 6 may have a monsterous two 8 and 10GB models. The 8, would be likely still be ahead of nearly all other phones and the 10GB model will be the largest on any Flagship phone. Along with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, will make the 6 the fastest phone out there. Along with a possibility of 512GB of storage, and a possible 4000mAH battery with the 6.0 inch screen that would last at least 8 hours, one the best, if not the best out there along with Dash Charge which could charge the phone in one and a half hours. With the on par Dual Camera, along with Android 8.0, and later 9.0 the Oneplus 6 is looking to be a beastly phone that could easily worry its competitors. LG, HTC, and Motorola are all “dying” companies. With poor sales figures, and not as up to date as other phones they will have a large problem. Motorola makes mid range and budget phones, however its great mid range phones are still no competition to the Oneplus 5t, and soon to be 6. Motorola is being edged out of the mid range business and only into the budget range. HTC, Samsung, and Apple used to be the main, and only major competitors around 2010 however things have changed. HTC’s magic is long gone, and only the die hard fans buy HTC phones. LG has had poor phone sales for years. Such as the poor LG V30 and LG G6 sales. Samsung and Apple may soon have to let go of some of their dominance as Oneplus steps up to the plate. Samsung is a strong mega company that is going no were, producing more phones than nearly all companies, and great ones two. Samsung will lose little to Oneplus, but Apple will be hardest hit. Apple’s Iphone X costs $370.25 according to Yet they sell it for a mind boggling $1000!  Oneplus costs around $300 to build, and sold at $500. They are nearly equal in many ways. They both have great display’s, great cameras, and great hardware but this is all we’re the Iphone X has a slight edge. The Oneplus 5t is brighter, faster, longer lasting, and faster charging along WITH a headphone jack. The 6 will have similar but better specs. People buy Iphones for their IOS, and Camera. The Google Pixel lines have better cameras, better battery life, and charging. Many of the X’s “key” features are as good if not worse than other companies features. Some buy new Iphones out of dedication, while many our fooled into buying believing that it is the best phone out there, when the Note 8 easily edges it out of first place. Some also buy it for IOS, as it is unique however Android is actually quite close to IOS, and only getting better.The 6 will only worsen this problem, especially if it gets the In Display Fingerprint scanner. If so, it will be truly be the Flagship Killer that is has been branded as.

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