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At a very early age I am was introduced
to the business world that helped in the creation of tacit knowledge. My father
is a businessman who runs a SME in Imports and exports. As a kid
I remember him bring back goodies from the countries he used to visit. I researched
about the country he used to visit next so I could ask him to bring me goodies
based on what that particular country has got for kids. He being one of the earliest importers of personal computers back in
2000’s in India gave me an early access to these devices. This further
equipped me to go ahead with my intriguing research. Quite conceivably, much before formally joining College, I developed a
flair for research.

My academic experience transcended the boundaries of the classroom,
because I believe exploring beyond your boundary trains your mind to identify
comfort zones as much as it provides opportunities to step outside them. I
proactively sought out unique internship opportunities, which includes working
with creative minds at a design studio, where I did a market research on the
impact of branding for start-ups and attended workshops and conferences for
networking with experts and influencers. Further I got an opportunity to intern
with a Health and Lifestyle start-up where great young minds worked rigorously
towards scaling. I conducted surveys on the Impact of Clinic Management for Healthcare
Professionals and provided strategic inputs based on the findings from the
market. Also assisted the CEO in developing promotional materials, which was a
result of active participation in various intra and inter collegiate marketing

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The urge to learn anything fascinating beyond the curriculum was
at its peak during my final year of my college. That is when I was appointed as
the Co-President of the marketing club at college. So I wanted to give something
interesting to the students. Brainstorming with my council members, we came up
with creative competitions which was as simple as taking a selfie to represent your favourite brand, meme marketing and many more.

I was a part of Greenpeace India society. My reasons for being a part of an NGO
might sound surprising and largely selfish. Working with an NGO one can have
extraordinary responsibility at a relatively young age and with little
experience. This is the
best networking I could possibly get. In the corporate world our networks are
based on mutual benefit, but in NGO it’s for a common
goal. As a fundraiser, I undertook initiatives in Environmental awareness
programs and Tele-calling for raising public awareness on key environmental

During my bachelors of business administration, I took several courses in
Entrepreneurship Development and Marketing that enabled me to frame my business
education. The internships that I took up helped me gain
perspectives and knowledge of the workplaces. My professors encouraged each
student to dig deeper into some particular interest that student has, well
beyond the professor’s own knowledge through a mentorship program.
the end of my bachelor’s degree I had two summer projects and one dissertation
based on my internships and the mentorship program. Both smart work and hard
work earned me a few titles such as First in Academic Performance – Gold
Medallist, Best Student Award in Marketing and Best in Leadership Qualities.

Upon graduation I had to choose between joining my family business and pursuing
further education. But I chose the third, working with a start-up. Operating
Inside Your Strength based on the knowledge that I gained during my graduation,
and working outside my Comfort
As a business development manager for an Edu-tech company. Working with
start-ups I was given more opportunities were I was able to do a lot of
different things and learn from true innovators. I made cold calls to
organisations for partnerships and other co-branding activities.
workshops with partner franchisees, for the Edu-Tech products. Developed
PowerPoint presentations for sales team. I initiated an online sales channel
for educational products which contributed to 9% increase in the total revenue.

which I started working for my family business. Where I worked closely with
executives to determine budgets and targets. Researched about the Indian market
growth in Export sales with the help of market research analysts and developed
new sales opportunities.


After a
certain point I felt I would have the optimal resources to further my study of
To achieve my entrepreneurial goal, I still need to improve in several areas. I
cannot imagine a better place to achieve my objective that at the (College
I am particularly attracted to (College Name) approach to learning, which will
allow me to apply what I learn to real-life situations. Most importantly, the
close-knit collaborative community where everyone is willing to land a hand to
help others succeed. I am sure I will not only benefit from such a culture but
also contribute to maintain that type of connection. Going forward, I seek to enroll
in (college name) which is the best fit for me.


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